A spooky night for Mommy at JWT

After some back and forth over the weekend, I got a call for a freelance gig this morning. Praise the money Gods! But, I was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice: no Halloween.


The truth is, I was planning to stay home. Halloween stresses me out. I prefer games to trick-or-treating. But when Ben laughed and said “at least now you’ll miss Halloween like you wanted,” I cried. Clearly I have mixed feelings.

So uncool.

So I came in and was given a schedule for the night. These gigs tend to go late — no problem. At some point the “cafe” area where I was working closed. I kept photoshopping cereal from a couch I found down the hall. There was minimal communication by email but I could “see” various members of the team I was working with inside a shared Google doc so I knew something was happening. But where were they?

Everybody else was working from home.

Yep. They were all working “inside” the Google document, from home. Eating their kids’ candy, snuggling with loved ones and warm laptops in cozy beds.

I, alone in a cavernous Manhattan crypt on Halloween night, played 20 Questions with Pete, Teddy and Ben over Facetime and watched them horf down candy while I starve over here. Oh yeah, I never ate and don’t know how to get back into the building if I leave.

I’m still here. Did I mention the spooky noises? Don’t worry, it’s just my stomach. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween.

(All love to JWT 🙂 call me any time)


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