I did some research about what channels are online businesses using to create revenue. I’ve listed 15 revenue models that I found. This list doesn’t contain revenue models of businesses like Airbnb, Uber or online marketplaces etc. These models are mostly applied to content websites, blogs or personal websites. I noticed most of them are based on displaying different kinds of ads. I’m still researching and learning about the subject, so please share if you know more.

  1. Paid subscription to access to content: Some magazines and news sites are implementing this model. It means users need to pay a subscription fee to access to content of your website.
  2. CPC advertising: You can raise money from your website by displaying pay per click ads. CPC stands for Cost-per-Click. Which means you get paid for every click to the ad.
  3. CPM display advertising: CPM is short for Cost-per-Thousand. The “M” in CPM represents the Roman numeral for 1,000. Banner ads are the example of this kind of advertisement.
  4. Revenue from selling the sponsorship of the site sections: For instance HSBC can sponsor the money section of your website for a year in exchange for a fee.
  5. Affiliate revenue: (Sometimes called CPA — Cost-per-Action) Typical example of this kind of deal: If you display Amazon books on your website, you get some percentage of the books’ revenue which are sold to visitors that are came from your website.
  6. Making use of user data: You can make money from your user database in different ways. Some of them are: displaying e-mail banners in your newsletters, delivering promotion e-mails on behalf of other businesses, conducting marketing research with your users, sharing some information about your users etc.
  7. Sponsored content: Content with hidden advertisement or native ads. Very popular in recent years.
  8. Paid job boards: You can make money by showing job listings on your website.
  9. Promoted content: Promoting paid contents on your homepage or specific users’ feeds like Twitter and Facebook are doing.
  10. Displaying ads in a specific context or location etc. : Best example of this kind of advertisement is Snapchat’s Geofilters.
  11. Sponsored downloads: Sponsor is giving you something to download from your website and you share the data of the users that downloaded the item.
  12. Paid search units: You are featuring some items on your search results like Google.
  13. Sponsored links: Displaying content links of other websites.
  14. Sponsored directories: Featuring an item in a list or directory.
  15. Selling products on your website: I think this one is self-explanatory.



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