1. Send the Post via Newsletter

Send it to those people who’ve already subscribed to your blog, let them know that you’ve written another blog post & they might be interested in reading what you’ve written lately.

If you have not started it yet, then is the time to start creating email newsletter.

Create message in such a way that they won’t ignore your mail. Craft your subject line in such a delicate manner that they bound to open it to see what’s inside.

Which email marketing service you must used?

  1. Aweber
  2. MailChimp

If your blog is in wordpress, then read this blog post to know more from the beginning. You can also find some good & free wordpress plugins for your email list.

2. Schedule it on Social Media

After hitting publish, first thing bloggers do is that they submit their post to their social accounts i.e. facebook, twitter, google plus & linkedin.

After that, they just forget it.

Just submitting it once is not the work done. On twitter, people couldn’t even glance your post due to millions of tweets keep appearing on their timeline. Same goes for Google Plus.

On facebook & linkedin you might get some likes or comments but still that won’t escalate your post to higher level where you were imagining it should have been.

There are several social tools available online where you can schedule your blog post. Schedule it at least for two or three times in a day with different context.

I shared few tool below which are very popular and many people are using it.

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. Buffer

Other than that, you can read this post to know more tools which allows you to schedule your post.

Don’t forgot to add hashtag to indicate what your post is talking about. Users search via hashtag if they think they are not getting the results they are looking for.

Read here the importance of hashtag & how it could benefit your blog post.

3. Submit in Reddit

Reddit is a treasure hidden away & not many people are leveraging it the way they should be.

But be careful while submitting your post on reddit, they got their own guidelines which you should adhere to otherwise the admin will ban you without notifying you.

If it is your first time on reddit, read this marketing guide on reddit & you’ll come to know a thing or two on how reddit works.

It is one of the huge traffic driving website. If reddit is not in your list, make a goal to be active on reddit.

There are several sub-reddit sort of category available. Find the one you are looking for. Don’t just self promote your post, but first see whether people are talking about anything related to your post. If yes, interact with them first, provide your thought on the subject. Then show your link explaining little about yourself & why you’ve written the post in first place.

People who have taken maximum use of reddit had seen their server getting crashed. I’m not kidding!

4. Outreach to Bloggers you linked

This outreach term is booming recently. Nowadays, many people are looking out for person who have good knowledge of outreaching.

But first learn, What is outreach?

Outreach is a way to increase exposure beyond traditional search engine optimization and social media engagement. It is an active form of marketing that takes both time and effort.

People love it when you mention them or their link in your blog post. Here, in this post I linked to many of the post. And you know what, I’ll be mailing them all about this post.

Will let them know that I’ve mentioned their link & if time permits please have a look into the post.

See below how to craft a perfect email to send those people asking them to have a look into your post where you’ve mentioned their link.

Hey Mike!

I hope you are doing great.

Few days back, I came across your post — http://www.example.com/outreach on twitter and it was totally awesome. I shared it on my twitter & Google+ account.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve mentioned your link in my latest post & would love to know your feedback if you have any.

Keep writing such superb post!

Many thanks & regards,


Simple & easiest way to get traffic. Do try this & let me know how it works out.

5. Outreach to bloggers who shared similar post

There is a possibility that similar post like yours could have been written by other authors. Find them on google & email them saying that you’ve written something related to his/her post but extended it with some more context while writing more about the topic with what has been changed or what you’ve added from your end.

If you don’t find them on google, search them on twitter & tweet them about your latest post. Use same technique on facebook & google plus.

Notify them & thanks them for inspiring you to write the blog post.

6. Outreach to Commenters

Go through the comment section of that blog post which inspired you to write the post. See, how many people have commented on that particular post. Check whether they’ve shared their website link or their twitter profile.

If yes, visit their website or their twitter profile. Email them about your latest post. If you find them on twitter, tweet them mentioning about your latest post & ask their feedback.

Lets craft email for the commenters.

Hey Mike!

I hope you are doing great.

My name is Hyderali Shaikh & I’m the owner of this blog http://www.example.com where I blog about seo, social, sem & anything in digital.

I came across your website via your comment on this blog post http://www.example.com where you’ve shared your website address & just wanted to let you know that I’ve also written a blog post similar to of that author but I added some more context in relation to that post which was written so long ago.

Would love to know your feedback if you have any.

Keep Commenting!

Many thanks & regards,

This could bring more visitors to your site & also develop a healthy relationship with the person if they like your blog.

7. Question/Answer Websites

Nowadays, you can find several question & answer websites where people go & ask their questions. To name a few, below are few sites

  1. Quora
  2. Yahoo Answers
  3. Linkedin Answers (Not working Anymore)
  4. Answers.com

Do same thing I suggested for reddit. Don’t just put your link out, reply the question with some kind of summary. This will not only show you as a genuine member but could bring other people who might visit your link to check your post.

8. Comment on Blog Post

Commenting on blog with link is spamming. But it won’t be if you comment a good & lengthy answer with the aim of getting reply from the author.

Establish yourself as an expert in the topic & write comment as if you are conversing with the author. Don’t include profanity or abuse words but make it debatable so that others will appreciate your comment.

And in the end just to prove that you are correct, provide a link of your post & let them visit your site. See the screenshot below of one of the comments by Steve Webb on Moz.

See above, where Steve Webb not only added some more points from his end but also provided links to other post which he found could be beneficial to others who are reading the post.

9. Submit in Bookmarking Sites

There are loads of bookmarking sites available but most of them are of low quality which could be harmful to your website in future.

Though, bookmarking sites are not meant to provide you loads of traffic but if done correctly it could drive huge traffic to your site. I came across this post a while ago to read about how bookmarking sites could be helpful.

The idea here is not how many bookmarking sites you are using but how you are leveraging it.

  1. Dont spam bookmarking sites by putting out your link.
  2. Make friends on bookmarking sites, interact with them.
  3. 3. Appreciate the sites they bookmarked & share with them your bookmarking sites.
  4. Write headlines which could entice users to click on your post

Follow the above guidelines & bookmarking site could work well for your site.

To be frank, I use only Delicious and StumbleUpon.

10. Submit in Forums

Nowadays, people hardly visit forums but there are some forums available which could drive huge traffic to your site.

These days it is not possible to just sign-up on forum & put your link. After google’s recent take on forums they started pushing forums down to the list. It is because users over there are mostly spamming it with their spammy links & affiliate links.

Search for forums available & are relevant to your blog topic. I found some

  1. WarriorForum
  2. SEO Chat Forum
  3. Digital Point
  4. Site Point

The above forums are quite good but it all starts with how active you are in forums, replying to users query, how helpful you are to others, how other users are measuring you & your answers.

You can put link in your signature but that won’t be active until & unless you reply to certain number of people. But we are not looking for link in signature, we are looking for those questions where people are asking relevant questions so we can answer them with our own thought.

Once you find it, make sure you provide good summary about your post in your own words & in the end provide a link to your post stating that visit the link for more information.

11. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is also one of the place where you can submit your blog post. There are several groups available on facebook.

  1. Search groups which are relevant to your topic
  2. Always join those groups which are open
  3. Check how many people are joined. The more the people the more clicks you’ll get for your blog.
  4. Check the latest activity on the groups. Some groups are open but they are not active. It’ll be a waste of time for posting on such groups.

Once joined, scroll through the latest post & search if anyone is asking something related to your query. If you don’t find such questions, then submit your link but providing good summary of the post & how it could be helpful to others. Make sure that you provide hashtag which are relevant to your topic.

12. Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities is also one of the place where you can submit your blog post. There are several communities available on Google+. I’ll recommend Google+ Communities over Facebook Groups.

  1. Search communities which are relevant to your topic
  2. Always join those communities which are active & joined by huge number of members.

Once joined, scroll through the latest post & search if anyone is asking something related to your query. If you don’t find such questions, then submit your link but providing good summary of the post & how it could be helpful to others. Here too, make sure that you add relevant hashtag of your topic.

13. Aggregator Websites

If you are active on web, you’ll find that lately few people started some aggregating website where people submit any article related to any topic which are allowed in the website & submit them.

There are people who upvote or downvote your article depending on the value & insights they are getting from the post. But there are some guidelines, like, you can’t submit your own post because self-promotion is not allowed.

Yes, you could do it once. But don’t make it a habit.

If you are lucky enough, your friends or colleagues from social sites might add your site. But if your post got added into the website then you’ll definitely get some limited number of traffic for limited time but if it is EPIC and people are loving it then you’ve to increase your bandwidth because it might crash your server.

Below are few sites which allows you to submit your post.

  1. Inbound.org
  2. GrowthHackers.com
  3. Bizsugar.com

14. Blogging Community/Directories

Due to rise of blog, there were also the rise of blogging community which allows you to submit your blog & let other bloggers view it. You can find several & high authority blog communities where you can submit your blog.

  1. Blog Engage
  2. Blokube
  3. Kingged

Well there are many, you can read this post to see more.

15. Traffic Exchange

Lately, I found this website called EasyHits4U which provide free traffic to your website. To be honest, I didn’t tried it yet. But one of my friend tested & he told me it works pretty fine.

After signing up, you just have to submit your website or article & users who have already joined the site will take a look at your site for a limited time. You can say a minute or so. Well, in exchange you also have to check their website for a certain time. Thats it!

Like I said, I didn’t explored it yet but will be testing it soon. Below are couple of sites I found from net.

  1. Hit Leap
  2. EasyHits4U

Take a look & let me know how it works out.

16. Crowd Based Sharing Website

Recently, I came across a few tweets where people were sharing how they got massive traffic to their latest blog post or website via a crowd based sharing website.

I investigated further and found below two websites which shares your latest blog post to several bloggers who then visit your site & leave feedback/comments.

  1. Triberr
  2. Viral Content Buzz
  3. MyBlogU

To be honest, I didn’t tried any of the above, but I’m getting my sleeves up to try everything to get this post as much traffic as I could.

I don’t know about Triberr but VCB & MyBlogU is run by Ann Smarty who was the second person I started following on twitter when I started my career into digital. And I always say, whatever she do she do it best.

17. Link RoundUp

Have you ever come across a post or email where you see list of great post which you didn’t read or saw? Yes, such post are known as link roundup & I see it on many websites.

Like for example, every friday Kristi Hines of Kikolani shares her list of post from different fields on friday.

And Moz shares the number of great post around the net via email weekly. There are several out there who do link roundup.

One way to increase the visibility of your latest blog post is to ask these fellow bloggers to include your blog post in their next roundup.

But, you won’t be getting that at first talk. You’ve to build relationship. For that you’ve to

  1. Check out their website & give feedback
  2. Follow them on Twitter & Google+
  3. Leave comments on their blog post
  4. Interact with them on social sites
  5. Build relationship

You’ve to go through each and every step given above & then you can pitch them to add your latest blog post in their roundup post.

But they’ll include it only if they find it valuable and it provides something to their users. So, create such epic kind of post which they won’t reject.

So, next time when you write a post and hit publish then don’t just sit around but work on the above activity I shared to get maximum traffic and visibility to your post.

Do let me know what you do or places where you share your blog post after hitting publish.


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