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A great freaken question

Write down your “Why’s”

A goal is good. But if you do not attach a powerful “Why” to that goal then it’s dead, 6ft under, in the dirt. This is a common reason why so many people fail to achieve their goals and get their wants. They think about something they want, but don’t attach the reason they want this thing to the goal. This step is every bit as important as writing down your desires in the first place.

After graduating high-school I went to college.

Why did I go to college?

Because I thought thats what I was supposed to do. You know, you finished high-school, took the SAT applied to school, and you pick the one that looked appealing, thats what was expected of me and thats what all my friends were doing, so it must have been the best option for me….

I went to school.

Picked a degree I thought fit the direction I was supposed to go in, “Business”. This college was known for business and my dad was in sales. He made good money and thats the point….. right? The plan looked as follow; finish high-school -> go to college -> Get job -> make

money -> live happily ever after.

So college went….ok. I tried business. Low and behold, I hated it. I floundered and found myself in Psychology, I like psyc, but I did not love it. I felt as if everything I was doing was to follow a script and to keep the story going. One of the reasons college was such a bland experience for me (Side note; College should have been the most productive and simultaneous fun time of my life AND that is totally possible! but I digress). Was because I had absolutely no ‘Why’ attached to my action of attending college. I was there just to be there. I went to college, to go to college. looking back I wish I was there to; Learn, Have fun, Explore my interest; See foreign parts of the world, Make business connections, Gain a skill, Figure out what I was good at, Decide how I wanted to make money, anything other then…. because I should. What an awful why; ‘because I should’. That kind of why leads to being a part time manager at Hollister after graduating with 80K in student loans and a whole bunch of missed opportunities.


Created those goals, dream big here, then attach a life shaking, emotion stirring, cold splash of water to the face WHY to each of those goals. It will connect you to them in a powerful way.




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