Before I knew more about SEO, I didn’t understand why it required ongoing focus. In my early days as a Marketing Assistant for a small business, I thought you optimised your website to be ‘Google-friendly’ and that was that. As I started working in the Marketing Department for an extremely large e-commerce enterprise, I started to see why it was necessary. The landing pages for the product categories needed to be constantly updated as new trends in the industry emerged. We were constantly changing the way we referred to certain products in correlation with search data. The keywords changed with the seasons too and over the years, customer behaviour changed. The customers wanted the cheapest price and they wanted free delivery. Again, the Meta data had to be updated so we could rank for searches containing the words ‘cheap’ and ‘free delivery’. Now, in my own business, I am constantly in competition with my competitors for the top places on Google, as I’m sure you are too! Though there are many reasons why SEO isn’t a one-off job, here are my top 3:

Keeping Up With the Competition

Say you run a business that provides affordable house cleaning services in Bristol. One of your keywords may be ‘cheap cleaners Bristol’. You hire an agency and after three months your website is ranking 5th place in the SERP for that search term. The business that used to be 5th place sees and further optimises their website, as did the business that used to 6th and 7th and so on. You check again in a couple of months and you’ve slipped down to 30th. SEO is competitive game and the competitors never rest!

Updating Outdated Content and Keywords

Outdated content will often need to be updated too. For example as I’m writing this, a fifth of mobile searches on Google are being made using voice search, a figure that’s predicted to jump to 50% in 2020. Though still partially relevant, this very blog is going to need rewriting soon to incorporate and address Voice Search Optimisation. Search behaviour can also change seasonally and you’ll want to capitalise on sales-boosting events throughout the year. If you sell clothing, your keywords may include ‘long-sleeved’, ‘jumpers’, and ‘hats’ in the winter. Yet in the summer they’ll change to ‘swimwear’,‘t-shirts’ and ‘shorts’.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google updates are constant. Google’s ranking algorithm changes all the time and major updates are made every few months. The updates also include new ways to identify and penalise bad SEO practices. They also change how a page ranks and what influences their rank. The main reason for these constant updates is to ensure users can easily find the best and most relevant results in relation to their search.

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