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Imagine you have a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, helping you and your business grow at an exponential rate.

Such was the imagination of Mr. Gupta too, one of our sincere clients. But, the lack of proper guidelines and effective tips led Mr. Gupta to take a back seat.

One day, at one of our meetings, he asked us whether we could help him out with his YouTube channel for business. Perhaps he should have asked us earlier.

Being active in promoting social media campaigns for over a decade, we, at Grasshoppers, found out that ‘improving the YouTube visibility’ is the need of the hour for Mr. Gupta to boost his YouTube videos and increase traffic on world’s second largest search engine site.

Then what? Mr. Gupta, enlightened by our smart tips and strategies, started growing his business on YouTube he was yearning since long time.

Knowing the fact that there are thousands more Mr. Gupta, looking for ways to reach out to maximum people through their YouTube channel, we would love to take you on a new high by sharing this useful article below on “3 Ways to Use YouTube to Improve Your Visibility”.

So get started and redefine your YouTube videos now.

YouTube receives 30 million visitors every day. One of the crucial steps to attract these visitors to improve your YouTube visibility is by optimizing your YouTube channel. Given below are handful of ways to optimize your channel.

a. Add a Focus Keyword/Keywords into your Channel Name — Imagine if your channel is all about ‘Fitness’ and it is also the keyword you want to rank for, then you must add ‘Fitness’ to your channel name. This helps increase YouTube visibility.

b. Make the first 1–3 lines of your “About Us” page Compelling — Yes, you heard it right! The reason why the first 1–3 lines of your “About Us” page is crucial is because it appears on the search results, which in turn boosts your on-page search visibility.

c. Create an Attractive Cover Photo and Channel Icon — It’s no wonder that good art attracts almost everyone today. So, spend some time working on your cover photo and channel icon to improve your YouTube visibility.

d. Create a Channel Trailer for New Visitors — A 30–60 seconds-long channel trailer is an amazing introduction worth engaging your new visitors to increase your YouTube subscribers. You can also add the links of your website and social media handles under its description to enhance quick engagement.

According to the reports, over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day. This signifies how important it is to optimize your videos in order to improve YouTube visibility.

a. Keep a Short Title for your Video with Relevant Keywords — One of the best ways to boost YouTube videos is by keeping a short title including targeted keywords relevant to the content of your video. This helps viewers get the basic idea of your content on SERPs and in turn improve YouTube visibility.

b. Keep the First 2–3 Lines of Your Video Description Catchy and Relevant — People are way smarter than we think nowadays. Videos are not displayed on SERPs alone. One can read at least two lines from their description on SERPs which has become so crucial to grab the attention of viewers. Thus, keep the first 2–3 lines of your video description catchy and relevant, if you really want to grow your YouTube for business.

c. Create Custom Thumbnails — According to YouTube, 90% videos with custom thumbnails perform best. Thumbnails are also the major element to help viewers decide whether to watch your videos or not. Hence, create a compelling thumbnail with relevancy to the content of the video to increase YouTube visibility and boost traffic.

d. Add Subtitles to Videos — Subtitles play a major role for engagement. Adding subtitles in multi-languages to your videos help more and more people to understand the content of your video and in return boost views on YouTube and enhance engagement through liking, sharing, subscribing, commenting etc.

e. Increase Watch Hours on YouTube — Watch Hours on YouTube is the number 1 factor for ranking your videos on the top search result pages. For this, one must focus on bringing quality content to their videos. The more the Watch hours on YouTube, the more chances of getting ranked on the first search result pages to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. Also, make the first 15 seconds of your video highly engaging as majority of viewers decide whether they want to watch or not within these first 15 seconds.

In order to reach out to maximum viewers to boost views, promote your YouTube channel to different social media sites. Add links of your channel to your website and embed popular YouTube videos to drive the attention of visitors and reach out to maximum people.

We can understand the feeling when our YouTube channel receives less traffic. Hence, these “3 Ways to Use YouTube to Improve Your Visibility” can help you ‘Broadcast Yourself’ amazingly. However, there is more than this to help you skyrocket your business once you get in touch with a professional agency on board.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s catch up soon and just like Mr. Gupta, get ready to take your YouTube for business to the next level!



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