“It’s the doing the builds a company”

This is a phrase that has stuck with me ever since I started ActionWins. I was at a coffee shop about a year ago sitting with a friend and mentor who’s built multiple successful startups and created billions in value for customers and investors. We were discussing my idea to build a referral marketing software that would seamlessly integrate with any website or application and significantly reduce the time and cost of building referral features.

Ryan Hoover wrote on medium in his article titled Can I Help? that he’s had many entrepreneurs help him along the way is looking for ways to give back. The idea of doing things in business and in life that help and create value for others before creating value for your self is at the core of many successful companies.

It’s what drives building successful products, writing content that your customers read and share, and generating growth for your company.

It is this idea that is driving everything we do at ActionWins and for the first 30 days of 2017 we will take one action each day that helps others. We have some hypothesis for how we’ll be able to do this successfully through content, direct outreach, having weekly open office hours, giving our products away for free to Startup Weekend participants, and by creating free tools for entrepreneurs. That said, I’m sure we’ll find some other opportunities to help others that we haven’t considered.

30 Day Growth Challenge

Anytime you make a commitment and set a goal you should surround yourself with others who can hold you accountable and who share similar priorities. So, we’re creating the 30 Day Growth Challenge. Join us and challenge yourself to do something that helps your target audience each day without expecting anything in return.

Here’s how to participate:

Each day, we’ll post in various Facebook groups with the below image. Share what you did that day to create value for others and give feedback and support to others in the comments. This challenge is meant to help us all grow and support each other.

Along the way we’ll share how we’re helping our customers and other entrepreneurs. You’ll hold us accountable and we’ll help you where we can.

To Join the challenge you can go to our blog and signup at the bottom.

Are you in?

Comment below and let me know what you think!




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