After finishing HIIT Timer I took some time to gather my thoughts and arrived to some conclusions:

  • I managed to learn a lot and the app was definitely a step up from my first one, RepMax %. However,
  • I felt that it wasn’t still on par with the level of quality that I established as acceptable (the design could be improved as the overall functionality of the app)

So, I decided to use the knowledge that I gathered from the work done until now and try to develop something much more polished. ‘My Timer’ is, then, now being developed.

Some guidelines that I outlined:

  • Take project management seriously. As this third app is much more complex than the previous ones I felt that I needed to adopt some kind of project management tactic. So,
  • At the start establish the major requisites and, as the project progresses, increase the level of granularity
  • To track the requisites I’m using post-its on a board, with 4 levels (ToDo, Doing, Testing, Done). I like to be able to see the big picture so this approach works well for me.
Not my photo but a good representation of what I’m doing

With project management on place it is now time to establish the requisites. More on that on the next post on the app 😉

Any questions? Ask away on the comment section below!



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