I started blogging in august 2015, about public health issues experienced in Haiti. My goal, as a physician and blogger, is to shape Haiti’s narrative in the global health conversation. Over the months, I learned how to best put my ideas forward by telling a patient’s story, recounting a field investigation or proposing solutions to challenges we face in Haiti.

I’m deeply grateful for the 1.015 people from 62 countries who visited my blog this year. I hope that I’ve inspired you and encouraged you to take significant actions to improve life anywhere in the world. The end of the year is an opportunity for me to strengthen my commitment to feed you stories (The blog is named “Feeds you stories”) with the same obsession for public health and global issues. In 2017, here’s how you can help me spread the word.

1) Follow the blog

It’s easy to get my stories delivered directly to your e-mail. There’s no way you will miss any of them. To do so, click on the blog options, enter your e-mail address in the box and submit. Or you might just hit the follow button in the bottom right corner of the page.

2) Use social media to share stories

Below every article, you will find social media buttons to share my stories with your friends, coworkers, followers or anyone. The most popular networks can be used: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. You can also share an article directly via Whats App. I recommend adding a little text to encourage people to share the articles also.

3) Repost stories

Although they are not mutually exclusive, you might not be very active on social media but lead a wide community on WordPress. No worry! Just reblog the articles you find appealing to your community. To repost on your blogging platform, feel free to contact me first.

4) Link back to the blog

You might use an idea or citation from my stories to illustrate one of your posts. When you do so, add a link to my blog to let your readers explore my stories. When reposting an article to your platform, make sure to add a link to the original entry on the blog.

5) Follow me on social media

Once I publish an article, I keep the conversation going on my social feeds, particularly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Depending on the occasion, I might repost an old story. Click on the connect option to engage with me on social media and keep the conversation going.

My 2017 resolution as a blogger is to stick to my mission which is to foster positive changes via the art of creating appealing contents. Your participation has been very gracious the past 16 months and I can’t thank you enough. As the year ends, I look forward to listening to you as we support one another and contribute to a noble cause.

Feeds you stories



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