Setting up your Jolter profile is the first step of getting paid speaking opportunities. Here are five simple guidelines that’ll help you make the most out of Jolt:

1.Add videos and links: Present Yourself at Your Best

Your Jolter profile is a window display to your professional journey.

Adding videos, articles, blog posts and pictures, will increase the chance of being booked.

2. Add Talks

In order to be featured and recommended by Jolt, you must offer talks on your profile. Jolt talks are 45min sessions, given to teams in organizations over LIVE video calls. Your talks can be ones you have presented before, or new topics built especially for Jolt. You only need to upload the description of the talk to Jolt. There is no need to record the talk or add slides.

The description should convey the main message and the value for the team.

It can start with “In this talk, I will teach you…”

3. Be Specific

Your talks should be as specific as possible,

The most popular Jolt talks are not “PR 101”, or “Introduction to PR”, but rather “How to set a consistent tone in your company’s emails” or “Reaching out to the right journalists”

4. Add relevant, specific tags
Tagging your profile and proposed talks will strengthen the chance of the right audience finding you. (Trust us, we’ve built the platform, that’s how it works)

5. Flaunt Your Profile

Sharing your profile on Linkedin, Medium, and other social networks, will help you stand out, and build your personal brand as a thought leader in your domain.


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