Instagram is the fastest growing social media and is tipped to overtake Twitter in popularity.

The average spend for someone that buys on Instagram is $65 which is higher than any of the other platforms.

The best way to get the best out of your Instagram profile is to get systematic.

Update your Instagram Profile

Everytime you have a new offer, a new opt in or a new blog, change your Instagram profile to reflect this.

Make it part of your syndication to ensure that everyone knows where to go.

There are so many businesses that don’t utilise their profile and bio, or they just use their main business URL which doesn’t give anyone any reason to click.

Bonus tip: Have offerers to entice people to click, whether it be your irresistible freebie, a blog post that answers all their prayers or a bargain which runs out soon.

Research Your Hashtags

Do you want to have lots of random people liking your posts or do you want targeted people that are likely to buy seeing your posts?

It’s a no brainier right?

So how do you ensure the right people see your posts? You research the relevant hashtags instead of using random ones that anyone sees.

Use the search bar on Instagram to search a keyword which is relevant to your business. Then click on the tabs bar and see what the top hashtags which are used. Then search other relevant keywords and use the top hashtags so you know that these people checking out these hashtags are likely to find your images relevant.

Bonus Tip: Keep your chosen hashtags (no more than 30) 11 is meant to be the ‘sweet’ spot in your notes for easy to grab access.

Schedule Your Posts

This is a game changer.

If something isn’t scheduled in, it usually doesn’t happen.

Plus if you schedule your posts in a batch, you’re being more efficient and will get more done with your limited time.

There are several tools you can use to schedule your content for Instagram, Later, Hootsuite and Buffer to name a few.

The difference with Instagram to other platforms is it doesn’t allow third parties to post on your behalf. So what happens is, you get a notification through to your phone that it’s time to post your image. You click on the notification and it takes you to the image with the caption. You then select to post to Instagram and you will be taken to Instagram to physically post the image and the caption will automatically be saved to your cursor.

So it isn’t as streamlined as the other platforms when it comes to systemisation however, it does mean that you are giving your constant one last check before it goes out .

Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook

If you haven’t read this book from Gary Vee, then the first thing you need to do when you’ve finished this blog is head to Amazon and buy it. Actually, I’m so keen on you to buy it, here is the link >>

This book will revolutionise the way you think about social media. I see so many Instagram posts which are sell sell sell all the time. They don’t give value or even say hello to their fans!

You need to build a relationship with your following and give plenty before you ask for the sale.

You have to earn the right to sell to people, you are there to serve your following and not to expect to ask them to buy constantly.

So have a formula for your business, whether it be 10–20% of your posts are promos, or one post in five is an ask.

Think infotainment, people are there to be entertained and revived good information, so keep it relevant and don’t be boring.

Show Up Daily

It is important to show up and give daily. Not just when you feel good, every single day.

If you only do things when you feel good, you’ll be sorely lagging behind the person that shows up no matter what’s going on with them personally.

Get strategic about the time you spend on Instagram. Have a set time to go online with a purpose. So log in, follow 10 people, reply to all comments, engage with 5 people and get out. Do this 1–3 times a day and you’ll notice a difference in your traffic and engagement.

By having set times and a purpose you’re being more systemised and you’ll feel more in control of your business.

Bonus tip: Turn off all notifications on your phone and tablet, only log in when you’re ready to do so.

What Now?

Bring up your Instagram profile, where does your link in your bio take people? Make sure it’s to your latest offering and ,are it obvious what people will get if they click it.

Research your keywords and hashtags, copy them all to a notebook on your phone so you can easily copy and paste them in when you’ve posted your image in the first comment.

Pick which tool you are going to use to schedule your posts and block out time to create images and upload them to your chosen tool. I find once per week works well.

Look at the last 30 posts, how many of them have been promos? Does this ratio need working on?

Set a time in your calendar daily to interact on social media and you’re done!

That’s how you get the best out of your Instagram without any stress.

Comment below with your Instagram link, I’d love to see your profile and have a nosey!

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

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