Blogger is one of the best free tools available to quickly start blogging. In fact, a majority of successful bloggers have most likely started their blogging career with Blogger. After all, it is always a wise idea, to begin with no investment, especially when you are a beginner.

Migrate Blog from Blogger to WordPress

BlogSpot to WordPress Migration — However, most bloggers first choose web hosting and then eventually move to a self-hosted site to get complete control over their blog and possibly making a living with it. A self-hosted blog requires you to register a personal domain name and buy reliable hosting servicesto get your blog up and running. But what is the easiest method to switch from Bloggerto WordPress without losing Google search traffic, page rank and your current feed subscribers?

This is a straightforward, step-by-step guide for importing Blogger blog to WordPress that assist you with easy steps for switching a Blog from BlogSpot to WordPress without losing your Google PageRank. Check out this comprehensive but quick guide presenting 5 simple steps for migrating your Blogger blog to WordPress without losing Google search traffic, your search ranking and with 301 permanent redirection.

5 Steps to Migrate BlogSpot Blog to WordPress Without Losing Search Traffic


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