At this point of the year, we all look up to upcoming time and changes, that may be crucial for our everyday lives. Will Virtual Reality be still developed on new devices? Are there any new games that will engage millions of users? Is Big Data still a thing? We have collected five most popular trends, that will be not only a fashion, but a revolution.

Artificial Intelligence

To learn a language, to think and to predict is what we could call being a human. We are on the verge of giving it up to machines. AI assistants are getting better at communicating, understanding demands, composing answers and, for the first time, learning. Machine Learning will better the AI with algorithms on our past behavior, phrases most often used and daily routines. From chat bots, personal assistance tools to humanoid computers — we will for sure experience a vast development of smart AI in the close future.

Internet of Things

With amazing, huge companies in the game (such as Samsung, Google, Amazon, Apple), IoT must be the new thing in 2017. Smart homes and smart cars as well as any other devices might make our lives easier. Automation is still meeting the challenges of power — inventing a new source of energy would be a milestone, because it is the only thing truly blocking development of connecting everything with everyone. Security and methods of making a connection might be in question too — seems bluetooth isn’t out of fashion yet, and may play a key role in the future of IoT

Human-Mobile Interactions

We have reach the level of often using mobile rather than the desktop. The trend started in 2014, and overcoming desktop interactions has been growing since. We have a 60% more mobile interactions, and that number will grow — that’s for sure. This will mean different interactions, different interfaces and different UX designs, that will be developed in the future. We still have a strong designing trend to create web pages and then turn them to mobile, but we should experience designing mobile and then desktop first.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

If you don’t live in a cave, you’ve must have heard of Pokemon Go. The augmented reality app has been downloaded over 100 million times last year, and has been a lesson for Snapchat filters, Instagram and Messenger. We love to play around the reality, apply features on it and make an additional layer with everything that is AR. Also, Virtual Reality has been developed with not only new gear such as HTC Vive, released earlier this year but new apps followed. Now, you can choose from educational, gaming or travel apps, that make their way in the VR industry.

Intelligence & Big Data

With all the information we leave when using the web, apps, stores and pages will grow to our requests more, than you could think of. The pressure is not on content information that much, it’s more on the ways we use things and make interactions. Best payment methods, that are intuitive? Easy logins? Automatic cars? This will revolutionize the future and make us feel like a part of the IT world of 2017.



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