Is your blog a ghost town?

I know how frustrating it is to spend a couple hours writing the perfect blog post and then be able to count your visitors on one hand.

However, if all you did was write the blog post — even the greatest blog post ever — then that’s your main problem.

Sure daily blogging while pinging the RSS directories can slowly build up some SEO stats but waiting around for that to happen is about as fun as watching grass grow.

If you want people to read what you wrote, you need to tell people you wrote something!

It’s a simple-smack-in-the-head-why-didn’t-i-think-of-that strategy but thousands of bloggers forget to do it everyday.

From now on when you finish writing your blog post you should not think, “great I’m finished,” you should now think “I’m half way done now I have to tell people about it.”

Granted I’m no perfect boy scout either and I have forgotten or been just plain lazy before too.

However, when I am blogging daily and do the following 5 things after each finished blog post — I typically see about 1,000–2,000 readers.

Even on new blogs that are only 1–2 weeks old!

Do These 5 Things After Every Blog Post

1. Share your new blog post with your social network.

With sites like that automate this process for you there is no reason not to be doing this.

However, you should also think about manually doing it. Sometimes tailoring the status update for each community REALLY increases how well it is received by that audience.

2. Tell the world you just made a new blog post.

There are news aggregates, social bookmarking sites, and facebook/linkedin groups.

Every blog post should be stumbled, digg’d, bookmarked (, RSS pinged, and more.Where is your market hanging out at? How can you let them know you got a new blog post, but without being spammy about it?

3. Talk about your blog topic in forums, Quora, and twitter discussions

Right now as we speak there are people discussing your topic.

You should join these discussions and become part of the community. If you leave valuable contributions to these communities they will value your blog posts when you mention them.

If all you do though is show up every time you have a new blog post, make the discussion all about you, and blatantly promote your blog post… You’ll be “flamed” and castrated from the community.

Search a forum in your market for people talking about your blog topic, make a valuable contribution to that discussion, change your signature box to talk about your new blog post. (don’t be spammy)

Search for topics related to your blog post, leave a valuable reply, if you happen to have a blog post that would be helpful to that discussion then leave a link to it. However, you should not have a link back to your site in every reply you make. (don’t be spammy)

Use to find people talking about your topic in real time. Join in on these conversations and see if an opportunity to mention your blog post comes up. (don’t be spammy)

4. Talk with other bloggers who are blog about your topic.

Do a Google search on your blog topic, then click “show options,” then click “blogs,” and BOOM there are all the bloggers talking about what you are talking about.

Build relationships with other influencers in your market by sharing their blog posts with your social network. Starting small talk conversations with them and being involved in their discussions as a user.

Then when you have a blog post you need shared you can send them private messages asking them if they’ll tweet or share your blog post with their readers.

Next go leave comments on their blogs and fill in the link to your new blog post in the website field of the comment form. If people like what you have to say they will click through to see your blog as well.

If you are a “vlogger” (video blogger) then you should go comment on other peoples videos related to your video just as if it were a regular blog post.

5. Syndicate your content across the web.

Tell your readers that they may re-post your articles on their blogs as long as they link to your original article and give you credit.

Submit your article to article directories so that others may use it in their newsletters or online magazines.

Find other places like Ning communities, forums, WPMu sites, and membership sites that allow you to have your own blog inside of a community. Post your article there so you get more exposure.

You Should Bookmark This Post

Print this out, make a checklist, bookmark this article. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you are always doing these steps after writing a blog post.

Because there are actually two steps to blogging…

Step 1… Write a blog post

Step 2… Tell people you wrote a blog post

If you really want to see your blog grow then I suggest you spend about 2 hours after each post doing these 5 tactics.

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