Did you know? Octoly now allows you to upload Instagram reviews! If you have at least 10,000 followers, you’re eligible to apply. Just go to the ‘Accounts’ tab at the top of your profile, then click ‘Accounts’ to link. More questions about linking your Instagram profile? Try the Help Center!

If you’re not at 10,000 followers yet (or if you just want to improve!), you’re probably wondering how to gain a following quicker. Although Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform around right now, it’s not always so simple to grow quickly on your own. These tips should help:

Post Frequently

The first tip is pretty obvious, but it’s important. Posting on a regular schedule can help your followers know when to expect content from you, increasing their chances of coming back for more. Due to the new Instagram algorithm and how quickly this platform moves in general, not all of your followers will always see each of your posts. Therefore, it’s important to keep photos in their feeds constantly by uploading images regularly.

Take Great Photos

You don’t have to be a serious photographer, but the better your quality, the better your chances of gaining followers are. If possible, try taking photos with a real camera versus the camera on your phone. You can easily transfer images via email or cloud sharing apps like Google Drive. Also, edit your photos when appropriate. Try playing around with contrast and saturation to make your colors pop, or try an app like VSCOcam or Snapseed to get really creative.

Write Captions

It’s true that Instagram is primarily about images, but don’t forget to use your caption space wisely! Use call-to-actions to drive people to your website, your YouTube channel, or to include valuable discount codes. You may also want to use your captions as a way to better connect with your followers by telling them a little more about yourself or describing the photo you posted. This is also a great place to tag brands or other Instagrammers (just remember to avoid coming across as ‘spammy’!)

Use Hashtags

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for exposure! Hashtags allow you to connect with communities of like-minded people who are searching for the exact type of content you’re posting. Neglecting to add hashtags can hurt your search rankings, but don’t forget that the most important thing is to add relevant tags. Don’t just use hashtags because they’re popular; use hashtags that truly describe your content!

Interact With Other Accounts

Finally, don’t forget to engage. Acknowledge people who comment on your photos, and use the ‘Discover’ tab often. Liking similar accounts’ images, tagging brands, and adding location data to your posts increases your chances of reaching more people, which will ultimately help you gain more followers.

Remember: Posting quality content is the most surefire way to gain and maintain a following, so keep at it and you’re sure to reach your goals.

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