For obvious reasons, the holiday season is peak time to get new customers, higher conversion rates, and more sales. Advertising on Facebook is almost always a good idea, but it should always have strategy and attainable goals behind it. At this time of the year, it should be less about awareness, and more about conversions. Here’s 5 ways to use Facebook to increase conversions this holiday season.

  1. Spruce up your Facebook page to really appeal to and appease the holiday newcomers who are seeing it for the first time. Have clear and visible calls to action and a button to get people to your site as easily as possible. Invest in graphics that pop and are fun, unique, and seasonal.
  2. Website click carousel ads are a really effective way to feature a variety of products, events, or services that can be linked directly back to your site with call to action buttons. According to 2016 Q2 Reports your goal for cost per click should be to remain under $0.30. But another important thing to remember is that this “average” can fluctuate greatly during the holiday seasons because a lot of ads are competing at that time so don’t be surprised if they’re more expensive during this period.
  3. Local Ads can be a pricier, but great way to get foot traffic into your brick and mortar shop. You’re able to target people within a radius of your choosing to be targeted with ads with clear call to action buttons for how to get there, to call you, to send a message or to learn more.
  4. A seasonal campaign can be a great way to encourage your current audience to share your seasonal efforts. For example, giveaways, coupons, flash sales, sweepstakes are a great way to engage your audience as well as encourage them to share your promotions with their friends. This should help to expand your audience and increase your conversions. Be aware of Facebook’s policies on competitions though.
  5. Influencer marketing! Reach out to influencers and bloggers to collaborate and essentially rent their audience to increase your conversions. Depending on their clout, some influencers will work with you for discounts, free shipping, free product, extended subscription, and of course money. Not directly related to Facebook, but another marketing effort worth considering is reaching out to your biggest customers with a gift. This could work toward retaining the relationship you have with them and entering the next year (and budget considerations) being fresh on their mind.

Facebook can be an incredible place to find significant ROI for your ads and your efforts. So even though you have have hundreds of other things to do this year as the holiday efforts ramp up, give your Facebook page, and especially ads, more attention and see what it does for you. This could result is something incredible to build on for the coming year.


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