Best SEO web speed Analyzing tools

Gone are the days of slow loading pages. Now high-speed websites loading in the blink of an eye is the norm. Page optimization has hit the roof that we are now looking at the sky for more techniques to rank higher in search engines.

The following are some of the tools that will help you down the road in your web page speed analyzation. I have handpicked these Web Speed Analysing tools which will work like a charm in 2018.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
Google Pagespeed

Straight out from the garage of Google; the PageSpeed Insights is a tool that grades both desktop and mobile site speeds. The tool provides detail insights on the current web page speed and gives points from scale 1–100. The higher the score that you get, the better optimized your page is.

This PageSpeed tool will also give insights on what to improve to increase the page ranking to optimize the web page for both mobile and desktop versions.

2. GT Metrix

GT Metrix

The GTMetrix is a web application that offers a variety of tools to analyze the performance of your website. They follow a scoring of website performance from A to F, where obviously score A is better than F.

GT Matrix has divided their analyzing tools into 4 sections:

Google PageSpeed Insights: Provides insights from Google page speed tester tool on a scale of 1–100.

YSlow: Yslow is Yahoo’s Speed Analyser. It also provides insights on page speed rankings.

Waterfall: The waterfall chart shows the loading behavior of the page in your selected browser. The Waterfall can be used to discover simple errors like 404’s to more complex issues such as external resources blocking page rendering.

Page Load Timings: The time each page takes to load.

Video: It records a video of the page loads where stoppages occur

History: It showcases a comparison of webpage test results done by you on this site.

3. 365andUP


365andUp is a comprehensive website performance analyzing tool that shows insights on both desktop and mobile website speed and grades pages on a scale from 1–100. The higher the value of the score you get; the better optimized your page is.

This Page Speed tool will also give insights on what to improve to increase the page ranking and also share valuable insights on what to optimize in the web page for better performance in mobile and desktop versions.

365andUP has divided their analyzing tool into 7 sections:

Page Analysis: This shows the overall page analysis of the website.

Performance Insights: This section gives out the detailed performance analysis report. It is subdivided into the Page speed desktop, Page speed mobile, and Yslow. Each three has performance insights graded from A to F and also has recommendations to get better optimization. The Insights will also give a detailed analysis of Page Analysis Deep Dive, Top Five Request By Load Time and Top Five Request By Time.

Response Codes: It is a three-digit HTTP Response Status Code returned to the server when a request is made.

Timings: This tab showcases the total time taken by the DNS, Connect, Send, Wait, Receive.

SSL Insights: This tab gives the details about the Hostname, SSL Certificate issuer, the duration of the certificate and its expiry date.

Page Analysis Deep Dive: This tab give a detailed report on Requests monitor, AJAX requests, Assets types, Cache Hits, Caching and Cookies.

File Requests: File request shows a detailed report on waterfall chart and site loading times of the website.


Web PageTest

Web Page Test provides insights about the performance of the website and its report section is divided into 6 sections — Summary, Details, Performance Review, Content Breakdown, Domains, Screenshot and Image Analysis. The tool grades the

performance of the website from A to F.



DareBoost provides excellent results in website page analysis, so you can review the quality control of your websites and get accurate reports. Dareboost have features like Comparison and benchmark, Web page analysis, Performance Synthetic Monitoring, User Journey Performance Monitoring and Performance test.

6. Pingdom


It is a performance monitoring tool that helps to analyze the load speed of website and. Pingdom provides details insights about load time, page size, requests and grades the website based on performance. Pingdom can be used to check the speed of the website from multiple locations globally.



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