Comic Sans, Scrolling Marquees, Hit Counters, Animated GIFs, and the all-time famous “under construction” pages, instantly take you back to the 90’s in terms of web design trends. However, the advancement of technology has been tremendous ever since. Marketing and communication trends have changed as well and as a result there has been a lot of innovation within web design and web designers who are focusing more and more on coming up with exciting design techniques which have undoubtedly become the top trendsetters. Following is a list of 6 design trends you need to forget in 2017.


A study shows that 70% of all internet users now use mobile devices to browse the internet. The reason FLASH should be avoided is mainly because it cannot be optimized for mobile devices. This makes it very hard for companies to have an online presence for mobile devices. Other reasons that all contribute towards finding other alternatives for FLASH are that it is bad for SEO, it doesn’t come installed in browsers and has to be installed separately, it has awful loading time and it’s got some very damaging security. Now a day’s web designers are moving away from using FLASH because of these reasons and so FLASH is definitely one of the trends to avoid in 2017.

Auto-Forwarding Carousels:

This annoying trend wasn’t even appreciated in the 90’s but companies still used it for more adverts and sometime to showcase new deals and offers. This believed to be a ‘cool’ design tool also affected the visibility drastically since these auto forwarding carousels take up a lot of space and the overall look of a website would become very cramped. These days’ customers want complete navigation control and will lose interest in your website instantly otherwise.


Oh yes, it’s time to let this one go. Even though there are some pros for this font like it looks soothing and hand written and perfectly fits in with kids related products but it looks hideous when used for corporate identity, luxury brands, media and health services. These days the demand for a sense of “class” to be dominantly present in a website design has drastically increased and thus the use of Comic Sans is demised by professional wed design agencies all around.

Under Construction Pages:

These pages used to be very popular back in the day but times have changed since the increasingly growing cyberspace and the vast variety and number of websites don’t give any time for the audience to even acknowledge these pages. They have become such a turn off for online users that they not only immediately leave your page but start to associate the horrible glitch in their momentum with your brand which is bad news for your company’s future. Having said that, when or if your web site is being developed you can showcase a news feed or something informative instead. This leaves a more professional impression and helps the audience to stay longer and engage. Regardless, having an under construction page is a definite no no for 2017.

Drop Shadows:

This cheap lighting effect needs to stay away from the web design world. Giving more contrast to your text and background is a more creative way to make your text stand out. To give more movement to text a lot of web designers have started using long shadows. Despite the ease of use for anyone who knows a little bit of Photoshop, drop shadows shouldn’t be used because of the vast demand of more graphics and intricate typography in today’s fast growing world of the internet.

Bevel and Emboss:

Another technique which was used a lot and was very popular in the 90’s is the bevel and emboss effect which gives 3-dimensional effect to your text. This trick has nearly become obsolete by itself because of the increasing number of far better techniques web designers are using these days to make type faces stand out.

Most of the above mentioned “don’ts” were only appreciated a millennium ago and it only makes sense to avoid going with old trends and to adapt the current more efficient trends to keep up with the high demand for more and more creative and unique web designs in today’s world.



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