It is that time of the year when the holiday season is setting-in to soon take over the year-end
festivities. So, if you have a business then it is one will be one of your busiest as running
campaigns to gain maximum eyeballs is and should be the focus. Thus, dedicate these few
months towards leveraging relevant traffic towards your website, turning potential visitors into
new customers and making sure that to retain the existing ones. Therefore focussing on a well-
thought-of Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategy to establish and increase your online
brand presence becomes necessary.

Though SEO is primarily a long-term strategy, every company requires a way to stay engaged
with their customers and thus, for celebratory periods seasonal SEO comes to the rescue.

Seasonal SEO means to optimize the site during a specific time by using periodic keywords in
order to gain more visibility in search engine results. These are around specific themes and
events like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, change in the weather, Christmas, etc.
Today, we bring to you 6 seasonal SEO Hacks that businesses can implement this year-

1. Time matters

For a seasonal SEO to work effectively planning ahead and well before the holiday season is
essential. This will help you take advantage of the early birds who are looking for products or
services similar to those offered by your company. Also, planning ahead will give your business
an edge over the competitors and your site can automatically become a preferred choice. Being
timely ready can lead to an increase in traffic and even sales.
However, when doing so, make sure to analyse your data for around 2–3 years. This will help you
understand the reasons for the spike in traffic and keywords that people searched to reach your
company portal. Therefore, make use of tools like Google Analytics or similar tools to get an
early start.

2. Use Seasonal Keywords

There are certain days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Countdown to Christmas and New Year
when customers look forward to exciting deals and offers. So, leverage these time-bound events
by creating seasonal keywords, i.e. keywords that are popular around a specific time of the year.
Such search words have the tendency to give businesses a spike and can draw seasonal customers
to your desired web page or site.
For e.g.,- Near Valentine’s Day, people search for keywords and keyword phrases like flowers,
chocolates, clothing, shoes, and jewellery, restaurants, etc.
Also, use seasonal hashtags and keywords to expand your reach, and to become a part of
relevant social media conversations. It is a simple task to find the trending hashtags. All you have
to do is checking out the “trending” section that can give companies a peek into what customers
are talking about and if required, can tweak the keywords according to the seasonal trend.
Thus, when used carefully, these specific terms in blog titles, Facebook and Twitter updates, and
in image descriptions across Pinterest, Instagram, can help engage and add a cohesiveness to a
brand’s online campaign.

Therefore, use and optimize seasonal keywords and get an advantage to increase overall sales.

3. Create Content specific to the holiday season

Once the keywords are sorted, the next important factor marketers should concentrate on is to
create engaging content. For this, do a quick check on terms that customers are searching for
and integrate them in all forms of content. Words like holiday gift guide, holiday giveaways, gifts
for her, gifts for him are likely to attract a lot of organic web traffic. So, optimize your SEO and
make them and such similar words a part of your content. It is also interesting to know that
people around this time are usually not looking for a particular product or service but a good
This will thereby, help in better ranking and using tactics like free shipping for consumers
spending over a certain sum or offering a cashback or even, giving a gift voucher for next
purchase etc. will help to sustain this momentum.
Also, to draw further attention make your existing website content holiday ready. This simply
means to tweak the product description, layout and making changes that will make it relevant for
the season.
Thus, do not compromise on the quality of the content and make sure it has relevant keywords.

4. Customise your website for a seasonal look

You can also create dedicated holiday pages for seasonal events and promote them separately.
This will make them stand-out and highlight the offerings that are specifically for that time.
Customers will hence, not have to explore the entire website to find the product of their choice.
This can also result in an increase in sale. It is also recommended that companies should
optimize website design for all kind of screens- laptop, mobiles, and tablets. Improving layout,
decreasing loading time, implement easy search tools, and most importantly, reduce the check-
out time and process. All this can smoothly enable the final sale and reduce abandoned carts.
Though mentioned earlier, don’t forget to incorporate keywords to your website content that is
searched by your target customer. Also, add different description Meta tags for each page and
always use easy and search engine friendly URLs.

5. Create Video Content

Over half of the world’s population that is online now is watching almost 1 billion hours of
videos on YouTube every single day.
According to a report by Cisco, the global traffic from online videos will constitute over 80% of
all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Not only that, on Facebook over 8 billion average daily
views and 100 million hours of video daily were watched.
These stats thereby, prove the importance of videos in the online world and more so, for brands
and digital marketers.
So, with 43% of social media users wanting to see more video content from marketers as per
Hubspot this is one SEO strategy that should not be missed out on during the holiday season. In
fact, high impact video content can drive a 157 percent increase in organic traffic, which means
by highlighting the right key messages and apt hashtags and keywords brands can now reach out
to a wider audience.

6. Create popups or banners

When customizing pages for the holiday period, use popups and banners to help advertise and
promote seasonal products and offerings. Use call to action tools like starburst banners,
promotional pop-ups, and others on your website as these highlighting tools help to attract
customers instantly. It also lets visitors know the various promotional campaign running on your
website and can without them having to search for them. When using these highlighters make
sure to hyperlink each of them to the right promotional pages and also to a different range of
products and offerings. This strategy can help the business showcase its wide range of catalogue.
Thus, for a seasonal SEO campaign, timing is everything. If you time things well, you can
leverage the holiday season by targeting the customers at the right moment and by providing
them with offerings they may need or may end up buying because of the fantastic offer. This can
thus, convert a visitor to a customer for you.

So, use the above techniques and improve the rankings of your page organically. With almost
over 5.5 billion Google searches made per day, make sure your campaign gets seen amongst the
right people and in the already crowded online space. After all, it’s all about sales, retaining the
existing and adding new customers to your database.

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