Since their first launch in the year 2013, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have seen a tremendous acceptance rate and are being actively used by Blockchain enterprises for raising capital. Compared to the year 2013 the number of startups has increased and so has the amount which each of them is raising.

However, not every ICO is a success story and therefore with each passing year the failure rate of ICOs is also rising. The year 2017 saw approximately 47% of the ICOs failing. Similarly, in the year 2018 one out of every two ICOs failed to reach its goal.

With more than 100 ICOs being launched every month, it is critical for businesses to implement and execute digital marketing tactics and SEO into their plan so that they can stand at the forefront of the marketplace. While social media platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter banning crypto ads on their platforms, SEO stands as the most viable and effective solution to claim your spot in the users’ mind as well in the searches they make.

Therefore, if you wish to position yourself as a top brand in the users’ mind and drive attention towards what you are building, try incorporating the following SEO strategies in your digital marketing plan.

  • Work on Your Website Speed

One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of a website to have a good ranking is its load time. Since the year 2010, Google has been taking into consideration this factor while indexing and ranking the website in its database. Generally, a good website should load anywhere between 2–3 seconds and those who take longer generally tend to have a high bounce rate.

So, if you are building a website which is too heavy not only will it be ranked poorly by Google, but it will also begin losing audiences, and hence the contributions received will decline.

Quick Tip: Try compressing the images on your website before uploading. This will affect your load time significantly.

  • Mobile Optimization is the key

With more than 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world spending more than 4 hours a day on their phones, there is no better to way to position yourself as a top brand than to make your website mobile compatible. By improving your mobile responsiveness and making your website mobile friendly, you not only bring your project new supporters and investors, but also improve your chances to rank higher in Google searches. Since the year 2015, Google has included mobile responsiveness as one of its factors while indexing and ranking a website.

Quick Tip: Keywords and images, rank and work differently on desktops and mobile, therefore keep a tab on the content you publish on a desktop and mobile version.

An important aspect of SEO is to design and develop a user-friendly website. As Google takes into account the average time spent by the user on your website, you need to ensure that the user is able to navigate his way through each of the components easily.

The easier you make his journey, the longer will he stay on your website. For example, while designing an ICO website, you can keep the header clear and precise mentioning the solution you are building in a single line. You can then have options or tabs giving the user a choice to buy your tokens or read your whitepaper followed by problem statement, the solution you are building (in brief) etc. This way, a user will be able to jump from point A to point B easily and as a result, will be interested in knowing more about your project.

  • Include Content Marketing (Build a blog)

Content marketing proves to be of great help during SEO as it helps you connect directly to your audience and hence answer questions which they may have. Secondly, content marketing also allows you to use and work with keywords and phrases which users are most likely to search thereby increasing the traffic flow to your ICO website.

To incorporate content marketing, you can start with creating your own blog within your main website. Then start with market research and find out queries which your audience has with regards to your project (these generally can be found in social media groups and channels) and create small pieces of content incorporating keywords they are most likely to search. With this, you will be able to cater to all the questions audiences have with regards to your project. Furthermore, you will be able to generate plenty of content with targeted keywords each indexed separately in Google’s database, increasing your website’s overall credibility and thereby ranking.

While this may sound more like marketing advice, however social media now has a great impact on your SEO as well. Lately, if you have noticed that often links to social media pages of brands or companies come up as a top search result when you google their names. Hence most of your lead may go onto your social media channels to find information and learn more about your project.

Therefore, make sure that you have your social media up to date and are regularly publishing content and new information on it. Additionally, include links to your blogs, websites and other channels to the social media handles, so that your potential contributor redirects and reaches your website.

While you are preparing your blog or even your website try to include a few long tail keywords which are more specific than one or two keywords. This will help google weed out similar results and hence decide which website to show based on the user query.

As you can see for the keyword ‘scoot’ a different company is shown and if you make the keyword specific and type in ‘scoot partying’ the relevant result is shown.

  • Try Creating Video Content

Video content generally tends to rank higher in the search engine results and hence if possible, try creating optimised video content which users can benefit from. Label, describe and host them well on YouTube (which is the second largest search engine) as this would increase your chances of getting shown as a Google search result.

If done right, with these 7 tips, you would be able to generate optimised content which will highlight your project and bring it in the investor’s eyes.



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