7 Untapped Keyword Sources

When I first enrolled into the never-ending game of “SEO”, I just had one keyword research tool in my armoury — Google Keyword Planner.

It was the only bread and butter for my keyword research program.

Like most of the beginner SEOs, I didn’t have much of a clue about the tricks to exploit the keyword research methodology.

I used to sit down for hours trying to find the perfect keyword that would be the glory! (Yes, I’m talking about long-tail keywords with low competition)

Not until I started to look beyond the interface of Keyword Planner. Yes! I still use the Keyword Planner, but I’ve also leaned the ways to gamble through various methods and tools to find my keyword match.

Luckily, it has paid off!

So without further ado, let jump to my favourite keyword sources that you probably have missed while trying to snatch the low hanging fruit of Keyword Planner.

Use Bing for Related Searches and Auto Suggestions

Whenever, I read blogs or articles about keyword research, I see many SEO experts pointing out on Google’s auto suggest box (Instant Predictions) and related searches.

However, they hardly flex a muscle to reach out to other Search Engines like Bing or Yahoo…

I know that Google is the ultimate heavyweight of the search engine share market but there are few other search engines that you should keep your eye-ball on.

Here is how you can use Bing to produce some Gem of Keywords.

Step #1: Go to Bing.com and type in some generic head keyword.

Let’s say I typed in a fat keyword “Rock.” Let the magic begin!

Step #2: Check for instant predictions and related searches.

And instantly, I found a long tail keyword — Facts about igneous rocks.

Step #3: Drop the keyword to Adwords Keyword Tool and Bingo!

This keyword has 880 average monthly searches… Not bad for a 2 minute search 😀

Step #4: Now it’s time to check for the keyword’s competition.

You don’t want to compete in the jungle of lions, right?

It seems like we have an easy deal. Top 5 spots have some weak authority links.

The number 4 of SERPs has a PA of 1 and DA of 39. This page only provides five facts about igneous rocks. And it has definitely under-utilised the power of longer content.

Imagine if these 5 facts can jump into Top-Five, how much value you can gain with a longer content that states 25 facts on one bounce!

Step #5: You can also pick up keywords from related searches of Google…

It’s hard to believe that the related searches provided by Google and Bing are completely different.

As you can see from above screenshot and this one here:

Not even a single keyword of Google’s related searches match with Bing. Wow!

I don’t know whether it’s the animosity between these two search engine giants or the searches are done differently, but it works in our favour. And I simply love it 😀

Utilize Yahoo Ads to Good Effects

Yahoo is a treasure trove of ads that can hook you up with few money keywords. Strangely, Yahoo seems to display ads for every generic head term.

Further, it gives you option to search for ads providing various variations of the head keyword you searched in.

Ads can provide you with rare keywords that your mind mapping tools could not think of, like this one here:

Seriously, I’m a music freak, and I love testing headphones!

But I had literally no clue about PXC 310 BT… These are the kinds of keywords you can miss, if you just hang on Google Keyword Planner for answers.

Let’s check if this keyword is worth our time or not?

Looks decent enough to give a try.

Hunt for Keywords in the Jungle of Google Books

Google Books is a service that lets you search keywords in millions of books and magazines that Google has scanned over the span of hundred years.

Here is how you can hunt for your money keyword with Google Books:

Simply log into books.google.com or change the tab from web to books while you are in SERPs…

Choose the one that looks a good fit to you. For this keyword research, I clicked on “Headphones: Buyer’s Guide 2015.”

Skim through the contents break-down, you will find numerous long tail keywords to work with like these:

Now take one out and drop it to GKP and check the result

One stage clear! Give a pat in your back 😀

How is the competition for this keyword? (Hint: Easy peas for you)

Pro Tip: You can use Google Book’s Advance Search mechanism to get deep insights of specific books you are looking for…

These books can also be your resource for next long epic guide or blog ideas…

Amazing, right? Even I thought so.

Use Google’s “Never Show Instant Results” for Quick Long-Tail Keywords

Google’s instant suggest has always been a famous weapon for many SEOs.

The given image below is the sample of what you see every time you attempt to write something on the search box…

In the above screenshot, there are 4 keywords suggested by Google… How many times have you Pluck out the keywords one by one; dropped it into GKP & saved it in CSV?

I think I have the answer.

But what if I told you that’s not it? What if I told you that you can get more rich keywords within Google Suggest just like this?

As you can see that now you have almost triple number of keywords than you had before.

How is it possible? You just need this simple modification & you will have same number of keywords…

Go to search settings by clicking on to the small gear button at top-right corner of your Google’s SERPs.

In Google Instant Predictions check on the small box that says never show instant results…

Save it and you are good to go….

Now give a high-five 😀

Explore the Beauty of GKP’s Landing Page

Let me tell you the rule most of the SEOs follow –

  1. Quick brainstorming
  2. Typing the keywords in GKP’s product or service box
  3. Scrolling the GKP till you find the keyword
  4. Repeat!

The problem with this method is that Adwords Keyword tool only extracts close variations within the given search term.

So to get extra out of this awesome tool, you need to be a little creative.

The method I’m going to state is one of my all time favorites. And a big shout out to Brain dean for this awesome tip. Yes, he is an absolute genius.

For this trick to work, you need a well-trafficked site that has limitless contents like Scoop it.

Go to the search page of scoop it and type anything…

For this blog, I will simply type in “wedding”

Just grab the URL and paste it in the GKP’s Landing Page.

These are the keywords you would not have got if you were stuck inside GKP’s Product or Service box.

Bonus Tip: You can also scroll through the suggestions given by scoop it, and note down any relevant keyword from the box…

Designer wedding cards looks good. Noted!

Soovle.com to Dig Deeper into Long Tail Keywords Gold Mine

Soovle.com is a free, easy to use & time-saving tool that shows every suggestion data from Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Answers.com, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo.

If you like tools like UberSuggest, you will definitely fall in love with Soovle.

First, head over to Soovle & enter a fat keyword of your choice in the search box:

For example, if you were looking for baseball-related keywords, you could use keyword “Baseball”

Soovle will then scrape the suggested results and display it to you:

These are the keywords that your competitors may have overlooked in a quest of running through GKP only.

Hit Keyword Discovery Tool to Reveal More Keywords

Keyword Discovery is another sophisticated keyword research tool that will hook you with ton of keyword ideas.

The good thing about this tool is that it extracts the keyword phrases that drive traffic… It simply means you get keywords that have been searched frequently over the past 12 months.

Here is what you get when you search for a fat term like “Baking.”

These are all potential keywords with decent search volume.


Keyword research is the most integral part of SEO & content marketing campaign. The ability to choose right keyword can turn you into winner!

I have used these tools on my websites and my clients…

The question is — when will you?



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