With Christmas just around the corner, the child inside me whispered that Christmas celebrations would be incomplete if we don’t mention our beloved Santa Claus. Santa is someone who has to keep everyone happy, meet very tight customized-gift production schedule, manage a whole bunch of elves to get things done, and get all the gifts delivered to every corner of the world –that too in ONE NIGHT– without getting stressed out!

With aforementioned qualities, Santa Claus, apart from being children’s best buddy, also has some extremely valuable lessons for project managers that will help them in managing their projects efficiently. So put your winter woolies on and let’s head towards Santa’s HQ at the North Pole to find out how Santa goes about his business and what lessons project managers can learn from him and improve their project management practices.

No one is good at meeting tight deadlines than Santa Claus himself. With only a night to deliver gifts to every home, Santa faces an uphill challenge. Santa wins the battle against time by staying a step ahead and deliver the right gifts to every child to bring a smile on their face.

Project managers could also adopt his approach to complete projects before the deadline and make all stakeholders happy.

Have you ever thought why every child loves Santa Claus? Why do they consider them their hero? The reason is simple. Santa Claus always surpasses their expectations by giving them better gifts than they expect. This is what makes Christmas special for kids. As a project manager, you can use the same strategy to good effect by underpromising and over-delivering.

This positive gap between expectations and the delivered output will definitely impress all the stakeholders as the solution or product that’s been delivered will seem to more than what the stakeholder’s wanted it to achieve.

For More Information : https://blog.taskque.com/lessons-from-santa-claus/.



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