This week’s podcast, it’s all prepped, ready to be recorded. One slight problem, woke up yesterday morning with shaky voice. Chest cold. Sore throat. And previously, prior to learning I have a sloppy larynx (Ep 74), I would have just pushed through it….

But an extra day or two won’t kill anyone.

So next week, there’ll be two podcasts. I’ll record Ep 90 on Monday, then Ep 91 on Friday, at the regularly scheduled time.

From Broken Industry this month, I wrote about Chris.

A P/SS member.

Actually, he wrote me:

“Hey brother [a message from Chris]. Hope you are well. Sorry I missed the Live Event especially with it being on the East Coast. The week before the event my wife was out of town at the beginning of the week, then as she was coming back in town, I left town the same day without seeing her to go on a men’s retreat with church that I was leading for the first time. When I got back, it was time to start preparing for the hurricane. Thankfully we didn’t have any damage. Super stoked about the [New P/SS Platform]. Looking forward to getting that rolling. I’ve passed the $4,000 mark, in a year and a half, with the First Responders program. So excited to take giving back to the community, to another level.

By the way, earlier this year we briefly discussed what my version of an “outdoor movie night” could be. Well, the idea and event came looking for me. You might remember that I’ve participated in an annual charity called “Mustaches For Kids” for the past 5 or 6 years. Every November for 1 month we grow mustaches while raising money for local children’s charities. We raise anywhere from $20,000-$40,000 in 1 month. In 12 years the group has raised over $500,000. The main guy that started the group wants to take a step back and asked me to take over. So with the help of another guy in the group, I’m taking over operations. It’s a big task because I don’t want to let anyone down, especially the kids that benefit from the charity.

Plus, it’s seen locally as the cool thing to do and I don’t want to mess that up by making it too formal, but behind the scenes, I think there are definitely some new ideas we could implement. So in a few weeks my “cool” beard comes off and the sexy mustache begins, that women will love and men will envy. Also, wanted to let you know that this month I will pass my income goal I set for 2016. Last year was my best income year ever and this year passed that by quite a bit. I know it’s not all about the money, but obviously it is a business. I’m blessed to be able to have success in my business and then use that success to make a difference or “Impact” in my community. Thanks brother. I appreciate everything you do for me.”

You bet my man, I’m honored to have you a part of this group. To be able to point you, as a model, for how folks can simultaneously impact their community AND grow their business! Keep it up, you continue to inspire!

I bring this up, because I had a call yesterday with our development team, to build our the new platform infrasture the P/SS program will sit on. And all they kept saying is, how amazed they are by the Impact we’re trying to make.

The point I’m making:

When you find a way to connect your business to a cause, to make it about something more than just products or services, it inspires people.

In the words of Altucher.

“Idea Sex.” (Ep 26)

Make a list of 10 ideas, right now, that can Impact the life of one other person. Totally un-business related. Then, over the next 10 days, do the same thing again. Each day, executing on the best idea from each day’s list…

“This is how you strengthen your idea muscle.” AND…

“Increases the Impact you make.”

The best part?

This exercise forces you to focus on others, not your priorities or needs.


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