Who would have thought headlines were so dang important? Upworthy set the standard of writing 25 headlines before picking the final one. The exercise banks on the writer being able to create one good headline out-of-25. What Upworthy doesn’t tell us is how frustrating writing 25 headlines for the same story is. I put my best three titles to the test on Twitter and I was surprised with my results.

I chose my “how-to” long snapping article for the headline challenge. Here are my 25 headlines:

1. A Snap Shot of Long Snapping

2. Snap Back to fundamentals

3. Does anyone want to learn how to long snap?

4. The Snappiest of Stories. Come on in I will show you.

5. Snap back to reality of the least glamorous position in football

6. Remember that one time a snap went over a punters head? Yeah so does everybody else, but no one remembers the good ones.

7. The Best snaps are always forgotten.

8. What if I told you inside this story there was life skill all people should learn.

9. Long Snapping for Dummies.

10. What is a Long Snap? Yeah most people don’t know, but let me teach you.

11. Long snappers are people too.

12. I hope Long Snappers around the world don’t see how simple I made this out to be.

13. A long look at a snap of only 15 yards.

14. The average fan doesn’t know who you are, most don’t care, but some share the same passion. #LongSnappers4lyfe

15. What to expect when you are expecting… To learn how to Long Snap.

16. My expertise on a subject only a specific culture will appreciate.

17. A shallow look into a profession that has deep pockets.

18. Showing the ins-and-outs of a specific set of skills.

19. I have a particular set of skills… I will teach you how to long snap.

20. The Shortest version of the longest snap in football.

21. Who knew there were different kinds of snaps in football

22. Varying ranges of difficulty… All the same game… Different snaps

23. Of different snaps.

24. A look between the legs of a long snapper… How-to style.

25. Snap me the money.

The above tweets show what three headlines I chose for my story. Creating 25 headlines was especially difficult due to the short amount of time we had in class. Here is what Twitter analysis had to say:

I was surprised when I saw the results because my “Long snappers are people too” headline was my least engaging of the three. As you can see I was clearly mistaken, and I believe it turned out better because it was short and sweet. The 25 headline exercise helped me come up with stronger headlines than I would have if I just tried to think of one right off the bat.


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