I was talking to a friend/client of mine. He works for his father’s contracting business. Second Generation, not yet owner. Very enthusiastic as far as taking the reigns of the company someday, sees a lot of opportunity for expansion. Ahhh, the exuberance of youth.

His father has been running a successful contracting business for 30+ years, he makes a good honest living, and a pretty decent wage too. Why would he want to change anything now? So my friend was a little exhausted, a little exasperated. What can I do? Be a wage monkey?

No, he’s a huslter. So I told him, the tools for success in branding and marketing are in your pocket. Create demand through marketing to prove that you can create it and handle it. When people think about marketing or expanding often they make it too complicated. Its easy to imagine expensive commercials, hot models, and all of the glitz necessary for a national marketing campaign. It is too easy, and too many small businesses do not engage in simple, social, neighborhood and friend style marketing. Brand building does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be well thought out and consistent.



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