It’s no secret. You know that I despise the Real Estate Facebook Groups. Without a doubt, they consist of real estate’s Occupy Wall Street Crowd, a group of completely unskilled beggars, without any notion of self-respect or human decency.

Ep 46, 47 is when I first spoke to this (embedded like tics).

From these groups, you’ve seen “The SOLD Sign Challenge.” “Camping out at Starbucks.” And let’s not forget the incessant questions, “Does anyone have a script for that?” Or “Which robo-dialer does everyone use?”

The list of idiocy is too long to detail. (89 episodes)

But in the spirit of #LowInformationAgentThursday, this fascinates me.

I mean tell me, who reads the description of this FB group, and says to themselves, “Damn, those are my people?”

This submission, by the way, sent to me by Mr. Butler:

Oh, man! LOL, wow.

I would like to submit to you, this group of SoCal agents …

“Beast Mode Lead Gen”

Literally, here is their Group’s description (please swallow your coffee before you read it, or else that sh-t is going to come spewing out of your nose and onto your screen):

We walk the walk and I talk the talk. Phone prospecting and Door Knocking. 100 contacts a day and 100 doors a day. Prepare, Prospect, Present, Repeat. Coffee’s for Closers only. Don’t come in here with your Most popular Guru Bullshit. This is a place where only the truth is spoken by those of us animals who actually hunt from the bushes and not from the luxury of the first class safari Jeep.

RULES FOR MEMBERS. No self promotion. No soliciting. No mention of any other system or guru but Festini. No request for referrals. If you go live you must limit it to 60 seconds of beast worthy activity or content. If you don’t like it go home and tell your wife your troubles. Cause’ only one thing counts in this life..get them to sign on the line which is dotted. PS this is not a place for advertising.

They literally film themselves cold calling using multiple robo-dialers and Facebook live video themselves door knocking.


Pretty sure Mike Ferry pops [blue pill] and rubs one off to this group.

Folks, what are your thoughts of me hiring a sketch comedy team?

(Think SNL)

Instead of any marketing or advertising, I’ll just become a pure entertainment company, and the laughs that are shared and spread, will be my traffic source. Because, as Sloper has said, “You just can’t make this sh-t up.”

It’s absolutely perplexing to me.

And this is what you’re supposed to do to be successful. And if you don’t do it, you’re “Broken.”

Then agents feel guilt, because they’re not out there doing these things, “In Beast Mode,” that are supposedly going to make them successful. And the best part? Their definition of what it means, to have “a good day.”

From this group’s supreme leader, I quote:

Today I dialed 840 phone numbers and knocked on 86 doors. I spoke to 43 people by phone and 31 at the door. I generated 2 leads. Some say that is bad. I say that is the new good. What other system can you use to duplicate this result for so little money and so much hustle. #BeastModeLeadGen

My question, what “result” is he talking about?

Suicide? Depression?

Destruction of one’s self-worth?

Because it would only take a few days of that, and I’d be slitting my wrists.


One day, I have a dream that the whole industry will WAKE UP! — (help me open eyes!)

— — —

PS: Just posted this video: Steps to Become The Wizard


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