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As a copywriter, the number one question I get from marketers is…

“What do you know about SEO?”

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you know the top dog gets the most clicks.

So, being numero uno — and getting all that free traffic, courtesy of Google — is definitely good for business.

But how do you actually do it?

SEO may seem like a simple concept:

  • Find keywords.
  • Use keywords on your page.
  • Sit back and watch visitors flock to your page, eager to buy your product or service.

But the truth is, it’s much more complicated than that.

You need to find a copywriter who knows that good SEO isn’t just about stuffing your pages with keywords.

In fact, stuffing too many keywords on your page can actually work against you.

The search engine spiders are pretty savvy these days, so tip number one is:

Don’t Try to Fool the Search Engines

High rankings can lead to big paydays, so there is the temptation to cheat…just a little.

Don’t do it!

Using keywords and phrases that don’t make sense — or using too many — makes your message look clumsy and unprofessional.

A good SEO writer knows how to use keywords effectively and can sneak in quite a few without anyone noticing.

Did you know, for instance, that Google doesn’t recognize punctuation?

This lets you break up a key phrase into two sentences. Google still sees the phrase, but it goes unnoticed when it’s read by your prospect.

The whole point is to weave enough relevant keywords and phrases onto your page without being obvious.

If the search engines figure out you’re trying to fool them — and they will — you could find yourself dropped from the listings altogether.

It’s actually a big mistake for you to optimize your pages just for the search engines anyway…

Because you’re not trying to reach search engines… you’re trying to reach people.

Look at it this way…

Search engines are logical.

People — generally speaking — are not.

So, tip number two is:

Publish Content for Your Readers, Not for the Search Engines

“Make pages for users, not search engines” is actually one of Google’s guidelines.

Google also wants you to make your content “…unique, valuable or engaging.” And they’ll reward you for doing so.

But what do users actually want?

A good place to start is with keyword research.

Tools such as Wordtracker can help you discover the language of your audience.

How do they search for your product or services?

What specific words or phrases do they type into the search engines?

That’ll get you part-way there…

It’s up to you and your copywriter to discover the deeper emotions behind the search.

They may type in “How to get rid of pimples”, but in reality, they want so much more.

So, you need to ask yourself:

“Why are they searching for your product or service?”

“What benefit do they hope to achieve?”

If your article makes use of keywords and focuses on benefits, the content you publish will reach your customers on a personal level.

Now that you’ve identified what people are searching for and the words they use to search, it’s time for tip number three:

Keep Your Page Focused on One Topic

Being all things to all people just doesn’t work for SEO.

Your page needs to focus on one topic, and it has to be clear what that topic is.

Google — and your readers — have to be able to figure out what your page is about.

After all, you’ve lured them there using their keywords…

So, if you don’t deliver the content they’re expecting, they’re not going stick around to read your post.

And Google won’t give you a very high ranking.

If you have more you want to say, have another post written or create another page.

Optimize that page for a different set of keywords and phrases.

SEO isn’t as simple or as complicated as it might seem.

It’s just a harmonious balance between satisfying the logic needed by the search engines with the emotional needs of the reader.

Or, in other words, it’s best to optimize for the both the heart and the brain.

If you don’t, you might end up on page two…

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