OK, it’s a lie. But I know my best way to an algorithm-proof heaven.

People are talking about SEO today, like it’s their neighbor’s shiny Lamborghini. They see it, they hear it, they want to have it. However, they don’t want to know the cost of parking one in their garage.

Admit it. Your boss, your partner, your client, they all want you to help with SEO.

After hours of preparation, proposals and planning, everyone is dead sure they want to do that SEO plan, whatever the price it is.

One question pops: “Is this plan intact when Google changes their search algorithm?!”

Well. Or hell.

Things go trickier from here.

If anyone does a one-time forever algorithm-proof SEO plan, you can’t afford to work with him. It means you’ll be working with a millionaire (or billionaire–I guess).

No. You can not do a single-minded SEO project and hope that Google and other search engines will reward you with your over-optimization activities. It’s 2017, and social media is the norm.

Now and until forever.

May the social-force be with you!

When all you do is optimization for the crawler not the users, no one can guarantee a first-page result.

6 things you should consider for a sustainable SEO strategy (aka. algorithm-proof SEO approach)

  1. Stick to the guideline of Google for SEO practices. And for webmaster.
  2. Create useful and purposeful content.
  3. Make a user-friendly website.
  4. Diversify your traffic with social media approach. Promote your content to the right people, with the right media.
  5. Listen to the users. Answer their questions.
  6. Build a brand, act like real people not a content machine.

Remember Google’s motto for product.

Don’t be evil.

As long as you always put on the white-hat, and provide helpful content to the people. This strategy remains a sustainable approach for all your digital approach.

If you have any question, I will try my best to answer.

I’m Tri — SEO practitioner.



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