I think we all need a bit of cheering up at the moment.

I’ve felt low for the past couple of months, and it’s been pretty damn shit. But you know what? It’s time to man up now. Enough moping, more EMBRACING. It’s time for all of us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and channel all of our focus into being that sunny, positive person we all hate.

We all have down days. Anyone who says they don’t is a stinking liar, and are too cowardly to admit they can be weak every so often.

If you’re feeling like shit, no more moping allowed. Follow my lead, bitches.

Put down the social media. And your phone. I know I mentioned this in my last post, but it is so goddam important to our mental health that I am putting it in twice. SUE ME, HOE. Social media is dangerously damaging to our beautiful, complicated minds, and although you may see it as a nice distraction to your worries, it is not helping you. I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes I will feel a bout of anxiety coming out of nowhere, and instead of getting worked up, I simply switch my phone off, and calmly focus on my breathing, nothing else. It works, no lie.

Dedicate one night per week where you completely disconnect from all electronics, and put this time towards taking up a new hobby. OKAY SOZ I sound so nerdy but this is so mega important for your wellbeing. When was the last time you read a book? Or did some writing? Or went for a bike ride? If the answer to those three questions is *today* then go give yourself a pat on the back and get the hell off this article cos YOU my friend, have your shit together.

Create stuff. I’m not joking. The times where I am most at peace with my mind is when I am being totally creative. Whether I’m writing a story no one will ever read, sticking pom poms to my belongings, or sprinkling glitter on a homemade unicorn headband, i instantly feel relaxed and more at ease. Try it.

BATHS SAVE LIVES. I mean, unless you drown in one. Then they do the opposite. But mostly, baths are a flamin’ godsend. Get ALL of the bath bombs, bubbles, candles and relaxing Spotify playlists you can get your saucy hands on and just CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Trust me, all your troubles will feel like they are melting away.

Put down the bottle. It’ll clear your head, and nurture your soul. A wonderful friend of mine is living, breathing proof of this. Nothing was going her way and she was beginning to lose all grip on her happiness..so she gave up drinking. And you know what? I have never seen her more level-headed, sassy and totally in control of her life. Now, I’m not saying you have to go tee-total, because we all know that is a task more impossible than even-winged liner. But how about giving yourself 3 nights off a week where you don’t touch any alcohol? Or what about having a booze-free weekend? You’ll find you get so much positive shit done, and waking up fresh on a Sunday is THE single most glorious thing.

Practice mindfulness. When you’re walking, instead of listening to Beyonces album, ditch the headphones and just listen to the world. Really focus on the sound of the leaves blowing, and each time you get distracted, force your mind back to that sound. If you need a bit of guidance, download the Headspace app.

Make positive lists and goals. This is something I have only recently discovered and my WORD do I feel productive. These don’t have to be big, nor does anyone ever have to see them. But what I do at the beginning of each week, is write down 5 things that are positive in my life. No matter how silly or insignificant. Write them down. Then write down 5 goals you would like to achieve that week. Again, these can be serious or just damn silly. One of mine last week was to pay someone a compliment. Another was to get round to organising that trip with my friends I keep putting off. It’s not rocket science, but getting this stuff down on paper is shockingly liberating, and if you stick at it, it will make you feel just a little bit brighter. Oh — and don’t forget to do a nice big sexy tick next to all the goals as you complete them, you productive little cheesy wotsit.

Learn a new skill. NO seriously. I’m talking sewing, a language, synchronised open-water shark diving, I dunno. Learning something new and enhancing yourself up as a person will automatically give you a more positive outlook on life.

Be grateful to your friends and family. I’m rubbish at this. I have the most beautiful support network right at my finger tips and often take them for granted because I’m so distracted by trying to make myself happy. Showing your loved ones you care, will in turn make you into a more positive, caring character. And that’s what everyone loves about you.

Smile. Even if you don’t mean it. Because if you keep doing it, eventually, it will be true.



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