Recent updates to Snapchat and YouTube are still preventing viewers from enjoying vertical content!

Last week Snapchat released a new update, mainly to add support for Spectacles. This update also hinted at being able to “share” a snap, along with a step back option during playback.

Just to breakdown these new features, yes you can sort of share a snap now but not outside of Snapchat. It is just sent to a Snapchat user of your choice via Snapchats “chat” and this will then also disappear after 24 hours.

There is still no way to share a story outside of the platform without downloading and uploading to another platform **ahem Snappd cough cough**

I must say though the new option to move forward and back through a story is quite nice. This works by tapping on the left side of the screen to move back a snap in a story and to more forward you tap on the right hand side. If you swipe left you can then move to the next story in your “playlist”.



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