American Apparel is a sweatshop free clothing company located in Los Angeles California. Their clothes are designed cut and sewn in the largest factory in North America. Their workers are among the highest paid garment makers in the world bringing in 30,000 a year with benefits. They recycle nearly all their waste.

American Apparel has been around since the early 1990s and moved into its currently factory in LA in 2000. The company has had its fair share of financial difficulties and public drama. In the 2000s it featured many risque ads and provocative models and always pushed the envelope with its ad campaigns. AA’s goal was to make sweatshop free fashion cool and edgy and it succeeded. It brought awareness to a sweatshop free labour environment and its basic and affordable clothes appealed to a mass audience.

Today over 95 percent of clothes sold in the US are manufactured overseas. Of the remaining 5 percent manufactured in the US most of these brands are un-affordable to the average Joe. American Apparel is more expensive then Zara, Forever 21 or H&M however it is still very reasonably priced and can proudly proclaim that it is sweatshop free. AA has been an early forerunner for the slow fashion movement we see today. While being far from perfect their clothes are locally made and proudly sweatshop free. The brand has affordable basic apparel that can get you started on your journey to a more minimal and ethical wardrobe. I love their t-shirts and long sleeved button up cardigans.

American Apparel is currently going through bankruptcy! Pretty crazy, rumour has it that a company from Canada called Gildan Activewear is buying out the assets from the company! We will see what happens during this transition for the future of the company.

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