The girl on the Central line

Amidst the noon drama where people cared most about what’s for lunch, the girls on the central line were more worried if they had all their make up essentials before reaching their university/office/lunch date and what not. No business in talking to one another but you would definitely get smiles on your way just because you share a MAC shade or a TopShop liner. How lovely!

So who was ready first to take SnapChat shots after covering up the sleeping beauty fails morning face? Well, let’s see what you REALLY need than your REEL needs. Girls and their OCD, Girls and their hygiene, Girls and their updos –

  • A pack of wet wipes because we just cannot deal with the dry paper napkins. Hello? I have my fresh gels on!
  • Sanitizer. Why will I need a wet wipe only because I touched my shoes? Come on, I would not waste an entire wipe that is capable of cleaning my foundation off.
  • Portable charger. We are SnapChat addicts and iPhones suck with the battery life. I need my phone to be charged a 100%, I mean what if I find a beautiful tiled floor to take a picture of my new Nike shoes!!!
  • Plug and USB. Wow, I just found a port. Can save my portable charger’s battery for later!
  • A hairband. It does not matter if it is minus temperature, sometimes we do get irritated with our gorgeous hair down.
  • Hair buckle/clip. See that one strand of hair falling on my neck? Beautiful. Who needs bands!
  • Hand cream. MOISTURIZE! I don’t want to run into an A Lister and say hello with my dry skin showing off it’s evil side. You just never know when it is your lucky day!
  • Comb/Brush. Whatever suits you best.
  • MAKE UP ESSENTIALS: Mascara (TopShop/Maybelline), Nude Lippie (Kylie Cosmetics), Pink Lippie (Kiko) and Eyebrow Pencil (Kiko/Maybelline)
  • Chewing gum. It is a GIVEN.
  • Sunglasses. For those LIT moments.

And of course, your wallet (a little cash does help like 10 GBP) and the stuff you think might need.

Have a lovely Wednesday, Girlies! xoxo



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