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The Map of Physics inspired my annual writing survey this year in a couple of ways. The creator of the infographic, Dr. Dominic Walliman, found a thing he loved and created a way of understanding it that could be relayed to the layman unfamiliar with the dense and often labyrinthine concepts associated with physics today.

Personally having come by all of this information over the years of reading about science, various publications, and numerous college courses, I recognized it immediately as an interesting way of presenting the information. So interesting, I decided to share it with people in my social media. Why? Because it was awesome. I wasn’t going to get paid, but if he could have a bit of help promoting it, there could be something in it for anyone wise enough to recognize its awesomeness.

The Internet gets smarter. It’s users get smarter. Maybe one day we will have a student of physics who chooses to continue to learn rather than give up because of an infographic just like this one. Or maybe even this one will be just what they needed.

INTRODUCING: Dominic Walliman Talks Science!

The Map of Physics: (seen above, first image) An eight minute video designed to help you make sense of the landscape of the study of physics and how all these great ideas relate to each other. It is a cursory overview but in its own way quite elegantly shows relationships to most of the classic and modern depictions of physics. If you do science fiction, it can only help you become a better writer. Enjoy!

Amplifying the Awesome

I am not getting a cut of this action, just sharing something I really liked with the world at large. Social media should do something good for someone, too.

If you really like the Map of Physics and want a version of it for your computer, look here:

If you teach a classroom and want to bring it into your class (and who wouldn’t) you can look here:

You can subscribe to Dominic Walliman on Youtube at:

Most Importantly:

If social media can destroy the world, it can help make it better too. Every day try and find one thing you think is awesome and share it.

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