I am never going to buy ‘shared tools for healthcare’.

I love Pocket — the app that lets you save articles to read later.

I rarely read anything of length when I’m working, instead I’ll usually ‘Pocket it’ to read later (usually on an iPad or phone).

So a visit to Pocket feels special; I’m looking at a list of the ‘best of the best’ things I’ve seen on the web, ready to dip in and treat myself to reading something good.

Because the selection of articles is so hand-picked it’s especially jarring to see an ad inline with my saved articles.

Pocket need to make money, I get it, but placing a (largely irrelevant) ad into my thoughtfully-curated list feels wrong.

Product people: just because a certain ad placement converts better, should it be at the expense of the user’s experience?

Will Grant is a User experience and interaction designer at D4 and is @wgx on Twitter.



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