A one-day shopping event announces for the upcoming Friday — so the legendary ‘ Black Friday’ — Apple, where you could get “all Christmas gifts” in the German online shop. The date and the somewhat vague wording indicate discounts, which could be higher depending on the product. Should not be expected however MacBook Pro with an extremely reduced or iPhone 7.

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It is an open secret in the tech scene, that Apple products never, anywhere, never ever,to any time on this planet are reducing available — unless Apple wants it so, or evenApple. The stories of employees of various electronic markets, the whitespace in the nights before any discounts the shelves are legendary.

All the hibbeliger buying-willing clientele is, when it comes to on the legendary Black Friday. On this day Apple confessed to the one or other discount promotion particularly closely related retailers and online shops, which could extend also on Apple products. Next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, you will struggle through now also at Cupertino to a time-limited special offer of selected Apple products will be reduced.

While the title line of the already unlocked action page contains the currently rather dubious entry ‘Black Friday’, Apple is something neutral in the announcement of the event. There, where you could get “all Christmas gifts” is a one-day event of Shopping.

Still, it is totally unclear what article this one-day shopping event will include. The figure shows the Apple Watch though, this is probably more due to the shown date as a reference to their price reduction. Especially sceptical contemporaries like say that you only rarely acquires also a new MacBook Pro as a “Christmas gift”, the rather expensive notebook from Apple would also excluded.

Should Apple actually intend to catch up on “Black Friday” with other providers, then Tim Cook and his colleagues to around 10 to 20 per cent would have to get involved. This corresponds to an average estate, the during the current Cyber Monday week and can be achieved especially in the upcoming Cyber Monday. It is very unlikely that Apple goes so high. On the other hand it showed slightly generous than usual recently much-needed adapters or cables and also monitors from third-party vendors such as LG could be reduced at the shopping event.

We are looking forward. (via apple.com)

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Apple kündigt Shopping Event am Black Friday an



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