Youth was earlier categorized by free and careless minds. And now, people from that same age group are critically entangled in the shackles of over-ambition. Ambition, achievement striving, and risk-taking have created a hype in our society, but they often come with a dark side.

Not everybody has the ability to run for work all-day long; and not everybody even has the desire to do the same. But the currently prevalent cut-throat competition in society, directly or indirectly forces everyone to run blindly in the rat-race of becoming successful. What’s shocking is to witness people stomping over their own passions and dreams, killing them and running! Running on a track that would lead them nowhere close to what they call “success”. This path will just drive them away from friends, family, happiness, love and everything that has to be experienced by the youth.

Well! There are two ways that over-ambition can bite. Firstly, it hyper-excites the person to achieve. And an encounter with one failure, all the driving force splits into pieces. In worst cases, it might even put an end to a person’s desire to live. Secondly, the person will first progress step-by-step, in accordance with his caliber. If he fails to achieve what he wants, he will push his limits a little. This would gradually curb all the happiness from the person’s life. But that’s not all! He will still work his ass off to achieve. Trapped! Badly trapped! But there’s nothing to worry about. We at have counsellors who are available to serve you at any time of the day. We would love to guide you out of this dingy cell of overpowering ambitions. Contact us at whenever you feel like.

Time to speculate reasons. Grinding on their axis under the burden of expectations is what is being inculcated to the young minds. Tenth grade students are pushed to prepare for competitive exams. 16–17 year olds are talking of packages and stuff. They study for some eight hours in a day. But how many of them really want to live this? Why aren’t they taught to sit and relax for some time; not taught to go out and play with friends? They say there’s always a right time for everything. So, is it the right time to think of job and salaries? Probably not.

Some way or other, all of us will find ourselves caught in this vicious circle of over-ambition. However if you want to get out of, it’s not that big a task. All you need to do is ‘sit back and relax’. Manage your time in such a way that you have sufficient to spare on yourself and your near and dear ones. Work hard but stay in your limits. You know you can’t jump high enough to touch the skies. Be realistic when you set your goals. Don’t dream of achieving something out of the world. Socialize, as much as you can. Interaction with different people and quality conversations with them may help you broaden your horizons. In fact, socializing with right set of people will always take you forward in life and never pose a hindrance. Take advices, share thoughts fearlessly and ask for help from friends without hesitations. And if you face difficulty in finding friends who will actually help you and not misguide you, come to us at . We have solutions to almost all of your problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Keeping problems to yourselves will never solve them. After all, flowers kept in closed rooms die early than those blooming in gardens. Learn to take life lightly. It will always help.


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