So is there actually any unique items or can it be a repeat?

I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here, but even at this stage to Michael that “unique” info I think I discovered still has me wondering if it was seen by me in his other plan. I don’t remember all the details of those programs to do an entire, comprehensive comparison, but anyhow, because it’s been fairly long since I’ve done a review on his products:

Here are the real unique things concerning this program:

1) There are 2 things inside the eBook I found to be unique and they were FB connected strategies involving retargeting and a strategy on “lookalike” crowds in FB and actually, I know nothing about either of these matters, but what is recommended is using these 2 techniques to get an email list going and allegedly it is free.

But what made me very skeptical was that there were case studies or no images to support these strategies. It is always more easy to mimic an idea when you’ve got a case study to support it with screenshots and sometimes even a video. This was not seen by me.

2) There are 2 videos underneath the eBook:

Both these videos are totally unique as I failed to see them in the other 2 plans but anyhow:

The Stealth Cash Strategy: It’s a tutorial on just how to win affiliate contests that have money prizes, although I don’t know if stealth would be the correct word because of this.

Viral Bonus Method: To my understanding, it’s about making bonuses give out to people and email lists to make better sales.

The content of these 2 videos is OK, not good or great in my opinion but at least it’s a unique facet of a plan I already have a lot of doubt for.

And that’s about it, apart from the 2 up-sells , the high ticket thing I mentioned and a pitch for a “Commission Gorilla” application which I didn’t look into, but it is another product you need to purchase.

In my opinion, only people who haven’t purchased the preceding plans by Michael MAY benefit from the strategies as well as in my opinion if they’ve sales to enhance. For beginner marketers or those who’ve seen the previous programs, I feel this one will give them very little worth. Overall, this is not a program I would recommend.

My closing thoughts:

His reputation depreciates with every new product I ‘ve found of his with me.

In my opinion, putting out products with a group of the identical recycled info over and over again in each, to me doesn’t solidify that your strategy works, it solidifies that not one of the products appears to be able to keep success so the demand must shift to some newer merchandise, but if it puts out similar information, we get a repeat cycle.

I don’t desire to keep purchasing stuff from Michael infrequently and when it keeps doing the same things teaches me anything new.

Away, WAY better choice to Copy Paste Commissions:

The only sorts of web marketers and merchandisers I trust are those that do n’t simply work, but those that cost people a new cost and additionally upgrade and improve themselves without having to duplicate or make a merchandise that is new every time.

It is a big reason I don’t recommend Copy Paste Machine, but it’s a BIG reason and that to me signals stability and trust I approve of this program:

I trust that other marketer who continues to remake products learn from those guys. Michael really strikes me as a person that is charismatic and I do hope he puts out better products later on that aren’t like Copy Paste Commissions. In my opinion, the software is not that great…

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Some Last Suggestions:

Do not trust in programs which offer the get rich overnight and tells you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.

I really love when I can’t help others to avoid an Internet Scam, this is one of my passion, help others, so if you have any question or just want to say Hi, go ahead and left a message below


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