Ranking your sites in Google can be very difficult .You have to create the right content, add images, videos & then create 100s of backlinks to rank your site higher. That is what everyone does but 99% people actually IGNORE one very important SEO factor for their WordPress sites. It’s called WORDPRESS TAGS.

Yes, Tags actually play a huge role in helping your sites rank higher. That’s why WordPress actually created that feature — so you can organize your content better and Google can learn more, rank you higher and get you more traffic. BUT 90% people are too lazy to find the right tags for their posts or they simply add one word keywords for tags that are not going to help you at all. What you need to actually do is add Highly RELEVANT Long Tail Keywords as TAGS for every POST you create in WordPress.

You need to look up Google and go through multiple keywords before you can spot the RIGHT ones. It was difficult for us initially. But then we created a magical new software that made it 10 TIMES EASIER for us.

Actually it became… 1-CLICK EASY to find 100s of RIGHT TAGS to skyrocket our SEO. This brand new WordPress plugin WP Tag Manager find all the right keywords and tags to add to your posts do you do not have to waste hours to do SEO for your site.


Click Here to Download this WP Tag WordPress Plugin

Step 1

​Enter ONE Keyword that is relevant to your post and Press a BUTTON.

Step 2

Tag Machine Finds You 100s of Relevant Tags, pick the ones that are best for you.

Step 3

Hit Publish & Within Seconds your Tags get added to your Site ready to give you the SEO Rankings You Want…

Click Here to Download this WP Tag WordPress Plugin

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