Social media marketing is a difficult job. It’s difficult when you’re dealing with Movies. Movies have a specific shelf life and the campaigns are planned keeping in mind the short duration. It’s challenging to plan the strategies, manage content, target audiences, create sales funnels and all that. But it’s particularly difficult when you have to keep up with all the messages you receive in the Page Inbox. Here are couple of absurd, innocent and some downright funny messages I receive running Facebook Pages for brands/products I manage.

When we’re asked to share links to the Page

Or asked to share photos on the Page

When we get job proposals

Or when we get marriage proposal

Or a business proposal

Actually this isn’t all that bad — just that the service provider expects a massage in return.

Investors who want to trade in with a song

Or when somebody casually flirts with emojis

People pitch their ideas to the next summer blockbusters here (or push their secret agendas here)

Uncle? Like seriously?

Or this

And also help us by creating trailers in Windows Movie Maker

When clicking the Like button isn’t enough and has to be reinforced by messaging

Overly enthusiastic folks

Or could be a network glitch. Nevermind.

People who are willing to fly 15,000 miles to watch the sequel we’ve never made.

And finally, those people who correct our grammar

So much for social media. Cheers!



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