Marketing is about the analytics.

There used to be a time when advertising campaigns used to be cored around a creative theme; the goal of advertisers was to create a concept that would appeal to as many people as possible (in the target demographic). However, the approach to advertising has drastically changed with the advent of the digital era.

Today, the largest portion of most companies’ marketing budget is dedicated to digital marketing campaigns. This shift is justifiable as digital marketing campaigns can be easily targeted at the primary market of a product. Undoubtedly, marketing campaigns on digital platforms are the current horizon for advertisers, but a major challenge impairs their potential: distractions.

Digital platforms are ripe with distractions and most people either partially or completely dodge sight of many of the ads that they are bombarded while looking for content they actually enjoy. Moreover, some have simply become desensitized to ads on digital platforms and simply scroll through it, yet another slice of the market has made itself unreachable on a digital platform by downloading ad blockers.

A new advertising start-up aims to bring a greater portion of marketing budgets to outdoor advertising, which is a marketing channel with limited distractions present in the audience’s view.

Analytics and Fewer Distractions

Bidooh is pioneering a new form of outdoor marketing, one that emphasizes the best traits of digital ads and utilizes them on outdoor billboards.

Bidooh has placed a network of billboards across a number of European countries. Through the app provided by the company, anyone can access the billboards’ display and place an ad on them. The process is intuitive and simple: a person needs to design the ad, choose the location (preferred billboard), and simply pay. The ads will be swiftly reviewed and if there is no harmful or illegal material in the ad, it will be placed on the billboard.

While this convenience and swiftness in accessing advertisements are impressive as it is, the backend technology stems much deeper. Bidooh is powered by powerful sensors that are embedded into the billboards; these sensors are able to recognize various aspects of the people who view them and this now integrates billboard ads with the tier of analytics that had been applicable only to digital ads.

Bidooh will provide advertisers with real-time updates of the demographics of the people that are viewing the ad; this will allow advertisers to know various factors about the audience of any specific board. As Bidooh ads can be paid in sets of 10 seconds and can be approved in record time, advertisers will be able to constantly update their marketing approach even when reaching out to consumers in physical environments.

Bidooh makes advertisements in the physical world more attractive than ever before. These ads already provide an opportunity to target an audience that is not distracted by large amounts of content (as it the case with digital ads); Bidooh stems the value of such ads by making it possible to optimize them through analytics that can allow marketers to build betters ads.

Factors that make digital ads so attractive will now be applicable to outdoor ads.

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