The search engine is a search tool used to track any access to information we need from the available documents. Search engines will usually display results in the form of lists that are often sorted according to the level of accuracy or the ratio of visitors to a word you want to find.

Many search engines exist in the market today. Race to provide advanced technological features that they develop in order to get the hearts of the pengunannya. Google for example. We can not deny that goggle is one of the greatest giants of today’s development in the field of the Internet and other facilities. So many branches they open, almost everywhere in the world. In 2015 alone, Google’s earnings reached 75 billion US dollars or Rp 987 trillion. What a fantastic number it is not ..

Looking at the number of users in December 2012 alone, Goggle gets 114.7 billion searches, a share of 65.2%. This is very much compared to other search engines such as Baidu only 14.5 billion search (8.2% share), Yahoo 8.6 billion search (4.9% share), Yandex 4.8 billion searches (share of 2.8 %), Microsoft: 4.5 billion searches (2.5% share) and others: 28.7 billion search (share of 16.3%).

What makes Google so great is that users volunteer and may have unconsciously submitted personal or personal information. What are the current trends? What holiday places are young people looking for? What’s the coolest artist name right now? all will have the answer with the Google search engine. But would we just like that just keep letting our personal data accessible to others?

BitClave comes up with an idea that any of our personal generation data can be securely stored, secured in an information search engine. By using blockchain technology makes each data centered on one server and can be controlled by users of the service automatically.

BitClave works by removing intermediaries. There are only business and cosmos. This of course will make the direct business direct bidding with kosumen and do bargaining system. It also can indirectly reduce the cost of expenditure because of the absence of a broker

BitClave also assures that the stored data will be safe and will not be used at will only to gain personal gain only. The blockchain system will ensure the confidentiality of any existing data.

BitClave always strives to provide benefits to their system users. Suppose if we want to buy a motor vehicle, BitClave will directly provide the seller site to the user. To the businessman will also receive benefits in this sestem, namely in the form of smart contract which the business will be easier in the search for its customers. To the experts also BItClave provides benefits by creating a service on a platform where BitClave will create a contract and membagun a solution in a different personal experience. No ads, no trickery, Bitclave sytem is safe and convenient to its users.

BitClave issued a token in indicating the identity of this project named ticker CAT. CAT tokens have been sold in pre-sale and earned more than 1.8 million dollars. CAT tokens are also sold in ico crowdsale on September 15, 2017 ending on 15th October 2017. With 1 CAT token worth $ 0.05.

  • Team: 10%
  • Fundraising: 50%
  • Long-term budget: 30%
  • Community Grants: 10%

Of course this great project is handled by a team of experts and experienced in the field, so the success of this project no doubt. They consist of 20 talented engineers, among others:

visit their official website to see updates on their latest information.







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