There is an age-old question, “Who owns the internet?” The answer is obvious; Everyone and no one. The same applies to Space and now Asteroid, Ltd. has made it possible for anyone to participate in this new lucrative industry. NASA says, by their estimates, there are over $700 Quintillion Dollars in mineral resources in asteroids available to humankind. That is over $100 Billion for every human being alive today.
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In a move that stunned the whole Space Exploration industry, Asteroid Ltd. has announced their plans to create a proprietary trading platform based on Blockchain technology that will allow anyone to register their claim to an asteroid. Blockclaim® will be the world’s only mechanism to establish claiming rights to the 600,000 Asteroids already identified in our near celestial orbit. Asteroid Ltd will provide and host this platform registry using a state-of-the-art Blockchain distributed ledger for transactions and open to the public record keeping.
Asteroid, Ltd. was founded in November of 2015, at the Cyberport in Hong Kong, a significant facility dedicated to the incubation of technology leaders. The ASTR innovation team is stellar and provides the backbone to the technical, financial, creative and marketing …

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