· June 26, 2017 · 9:00 pm

Cryptocurrency BitConnect Coin (BCC) has seen unprecedented growth in its first six months in the market, even surpassing the initial growth of the world’s top altcoin, Ethereum.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Developed by London-based startup BitConnect, BCC has seen its value grow from the post-ICO price of $1.84 to its most recent price of over $52.55 this week. By comparison, Ethereum launched on August 10, 2015, with an initial value of $1.71.

By March 28, 2016, six months later, Ethereum had risen $11.53. A comparison of both the cryptocurrencies shows that BitConnect Coin has achieved a record 1800% increase in value over last six months. After launch BCC saw a quick user adoption which drew some comparisons to Bitcoin, along with the currencies strong community following.

BitConnect price chart 1

Since the beginning of 2017, Ether saw a 2000% rise in value, but the majority of this growth has been recorded in the last six months and not the first six months. The cryptocurrency’s value showed a modest 700% increase in value in the first six months.

BCC holds more similarities to Bitcoin, as the total number of units is capped and is a deflationary currency, which is designed to increase in value as demand increases.

BitConnect price chart 2

As BitConnect Coin continues to witness growth, the trend closely follows the company’s previously announced records in value and market capitalization during Q1 2017. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, BitConnect Coin doesn’t require centralized exchange platforms.

The altcoin can be freely traded between community members, making it more attractive for users who do not wish to use some trading platforms. Given BitConnect Coin’s previous price history since November 2016, the cryptocurrency is expected to grow further in the coming days.

It is the ideal time for people to invest in BitConnect Coin, as those who get in the game early stand to reap better returns in the future. All patterns presently indicate that the cryptocurrency will continue its upward trend, testing new “all-time” highs in the near future.

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