The world of cryptocurrency is facing many challenges. The main challenge to the legitimacy of this new landscape is from none other than the governments. It is because cryptocurrencies and ICO’s transcend borders and make life difficult for governments to earn from traders and international dealers. But, as you may not know, the crypto world doesn’t have a legal voice and in most cases, it is being swept aside by hard-handed government measures that you can see in China and even a little in the USA. SmartOne, a blockchain-based legal startup, wants to create a community of lawyers that can represent crypto entities and make their voices heard and fight back.
[Note: This is a press release.]
The SmartOne team is made up of lawyers who have worked extensively on the legalization of ICO’s and how they can create a legal status for the unique products of the crypto world that need to be put under different umbrellas than conventional organizations.
All around us, we see that ICO’s and cryptocurrency exchanges are being cornered by governments that want them to come under the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to laws formulated by …

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