ChainX, a parachain on Polkadot focusing on interchain crypto-asset management, has announced the launch of the ChainX Contract Development Fund investing over $100,000 to find the world’s first Bitcoin DApp.

The Contract Development Fund was established for the ChainX Bitcoin smart contract platform, and is committed to facilitating the growth of quality projects and creating the first extraordinary Bitcoin application.

Background of the ChainX Contract Development Fund

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency boasting the world maximum consensus, harbors tremendous potential of various applications, but due to the limitations of the network itself, many scenarios are difficult to materialize.

Yet, ChainX is committed to developing solutions…

Recently, ChainX successfully transferred Bitcoin onto its network as XBTC through the light-node inter-chain technology, and on November 16, 2019, it publicly released its testnet for the Bitcoin smart contract platform-Taoism.

Developers who actively participate in testing will have the opportunity to receive fund support and run their programs on the mainnet after it is launched.

Who can apply for the fund?

  • Teams that attempt to develop a smart contract based on Bitcoin
  • Teams or Individual developers of Ethereum, EOS
  • Teams or Individual developers of DeFi field
  • Universities/Research institutions
  • Any developer who is interested in ChainX Bitcoin Smart Contract


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