Monaco, a cryptocurrency payment company, announced today that it has selected Gemalto, a digital security company to supply innovative card bodies, among which are high-end metal cards for Monaco’s range of Visa Platinum cards. Such cards, coupled with the Monaco app, deliver users up to 2% cryptocurrency cashback on all purchases.

The Monaco card portfolio ranges from the classic plastic Visa card Midnight Blue to the Limited Edition Visa Platinum cards beautifully crafted with metal composite in a matte finish and available in Ruby Steel, Rose Gold, Space Gray, and Obsidian Black. The cards have high- end security components which give users peace of mind as they make transactions across the globe. The near-field communication (NFC) tap-and-pay functionality also enables more flexibility and convenience, speeding up and providing a smoother payment

“By partnering with Gemalto, we are able to produce a highly functional yet beautiful product that users can be proud to use and display at the top of their wallets as their go-to cards.”

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder, and CEO of Monaco

“Financial Institutions around the world are increasingly investing in card body innovations to promote their services. Metal cards are strongly associated with top-of-the-line,high-value services.”

Michael Au, Senior Vice President of Banking & Payment Asia, Gemalto

In late October, Monaco received the approval from its card issuer to begin distributing cards.


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