XIXOIO, an ecosystem for assets, banking and fintech solutions on blockchain announced it will soon launch an initial coin offering (ICO) and initial public offering (IPO) hybrid solution – the initial public coin offering (IPCO). IPCO investors will benefit from the protections of proper due diligence and gradual tranche funding.

The IPCO is a financial instrument with smart contract capabilities based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. It allows financiers to invest in companies through security tokenization, but at the same time provides contractual obligations and legal protections reminiscent of IPOs that ICOs currently lack.

“Unregulated, incompetent and fraudulent – too many failed ICOs have polluted the blockchain investment market,” warns newly appointed CEO of XIXOIO, Nikolay Rozhok. “Businesses and investors are now informed about the risks and shortcomings that ICOs can create. But ICOs are not going away anytime soon, so XIXOIO has developed a viable solution – the IPCO.”

Companies will need to meet predefined milestones to release investment capital and the whole IPCO process takes place in a safe and regulatory compliant environment.

Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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