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A roundup of our most popular articles shared over at the HeadsUp blog, plus a few favorites from around the web.

Let’s dive in!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing ROI: Achieving & Measuring Success by Jen Schwartz
This article is a quick content marketing overview and how to prove its value. Jen outlines why content marketing is such an effective strategy for companies today, and shares her thoughts on which metrics to keep in mind as you measure success.

Writing Effective Brand Awareness Survey Questions by Katie Green
In this article, Katie offers helpful tips for marketers looking to conduct a brand awareness survey. She even includes a sample survey for those who don’t have the time to build a survey entirely from scratch!

Why Listicles Suck at Content Marketing by Jen Schwartz
This is probably my favorite article of the quarter. As the newest addition to the HUM team, writing intern Jen has a fresh perspective that I love reading. She got a little “meta” and wrote about all the reasons why list articles suck.


The Basic SEO Checklist for 2018 by Ryan Howard
Yes, we’re well into April at this point. But if you’re still struggling to nail down your 2018 SEO strategy, you might want to start with Ryan’s checklist. He’s stripped it down to the basics, which is perfect for any beginner SEO.

How to Make Your Website More Secure by Ryan Howard
Last year, Google made some major security changes. We’re just now seeing those take effect across the web. In this article, Ryan explains the changes and how you can make sure your site security is up to snuff.


If We Can’t Provide Value, We Don’t Want Your Business by yours truly
It seems crazy for any entrepreneur to turn away business, I know. Just hear me out. The secret sauce to any great partnership is an alignment of perspectives, goals, and priorities.

Why Elon Musk’s “People as Vectors” Analogy Resonates by Rand Fishkin
I initially heard the “People as Vectors” analogy during Dharmesh’s keynote at INBOUND last year. Here, Rand builds on the concept to add in some valuable ideas of his own. It’s a must read.

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