Back in 2012 Twitter purchased the video hosting site Vine. Originally Vine pitched the idea to Twitter as a way for people to catch casual moments about their lives and share them with friends, but since then it’s taken off to companies who want to challenge themselves by creating engaging video content with only 6 seconds.

Sadly, last month Twitter announced that they will discontinuing Vine after cutting 9 percent of their workforce. Unfortunately the app didn’t complement Twitter as well as they had hoped, hurt by the launch of video on Instagram in 2013.

Twitter has however said that they will be discontinuing the app the ‘right way’, users will still be able to access and download their videos, and the website will be kept online as an archive of the millions of short videos that were created over the four years. So we thought it was only right to share with you three great companies that created a successful hashtag campaign using Vine.


First up is Lowes home improvement chain. Unfortunately the chains haven’t reach the United Kingdom yet, which is probably why you haven’t heard of them. However we couldn’t ignore how their short videos seem to dominate Vine. #lowesfixitinsix is a campaign where Lowes offer quick useful tips to make your life that little bit easier around your home — not only are the tips really useful, but the animated videos are some of the best we’ve seen in short form!


Okay we’re jumping back a bit to when Vine first began, but if you read our latest blog post you’ll know that we love Oreo’s micro videos content. Oreo are incredibly good at stop motion and in these short videos they make their cookies the stars of our favourite horror films.


Ending on a slightly funnier (possibly unplanned) campaign. If you remember back in 2015 Innocent Drinks launched a campaign called ‘The Big Knit’, where they asked members of the public to knit little hats for their smoothie bottles. In return every time they sold a bottle wearing a hat they would donate 25p to Age UK. In one of their vines they are unboxing the cute knitted hats, only to be face with what looks like a rather sinister looking bear…

This knitted bear inspired them to create similar videos of Sinister Panda taunting poor office worker David. These videos are funny and engaging and most importantly, completely inexpensive, which we love.

There were so many great marketing vines to choose from and it was really hard to narrow it down to these three hashtags. Luckily the website isn’t going anywhere which means we can always head back there to bring you more inspiration. If you’re thinking “inspiration for what, Vine is over”, head over to this article, which explains how you can use still use micro videos on Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube pre-roll ads.

So bye Vine, so long, it’s been fun.

What’s you favourite vine? — Let us know on Twitter @Doubleshottv



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