We are approaching a point in which messaging is a daily ritual we indulge in practically every waking moment of our lives.

Whether it is Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Kik, HipChat, Viber, Line, Hike, or any other one of the hundred messaging apps, there is no doubt about it — we are hooked.

If messaging has become an essential part of life, why do we still bother with emails?

When businesses push out emails to the masses, they are guaranteed to walk away with dismal open rates, pathetic click-through rates, and other shameful key metrics. Can the same be said for messaging?

Everyone knows how terrible email open rates are.

What if I told you people have more than four times greater odds of opening a message than an email?

What if 98% of the people you sent information to opened what you sent them?

What if you could get through to people?

These numbers may sound unrealistic, but they are more than possible.

The perception seems to be – migrating away from email is directly comparable to a death sentence.

When mentioning a transition away from email, you will hear every excuse in the book such as: “Our Digital sales funnels are executed through email.” “Offers and deals are sent through email.” “People are updated with newsletters through email.” “My business cards have my email so people can contact me.” Not to mention an endless list of other excuses.

Organizations seem to believe they gravitate around email.

The problem is emails are a dying breed and everyone seems to be willingly going down with the ship.

The future is not in email.

If you are building a company and positioning it for success in the future, how could you use email as a means to communicate?

It is a medium which will inevitably die and be replaced by the more useful messaging apps.

Everyone has an opportunity to become early adopters of using messaging for everything email used to do.

The numbers support the change. Now, what are you waiting for?



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